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Hi, welcome to this blog again!
Recently, I have been thinking how to help other people understand how cool this MLM industry is. I believe that if you are in the industry for a while, you probably need no convincing that this business model can help you succeed beyond your wildest beliefs.

If you are not so sure if this is really possible, here are a few real life examples that you may wish to check out:

1) the late Ken Pontious –
2) Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter –
3) Dani Johnson –
4) Jeffrey Combs –
5) Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark –
6) Tim Sales –
7) Eric Worrie –
(many more success stories in the “Million Dollar Interviews’ Session)

I hope these stories can assist to to stay on and keep doing the right things (the daily actions) towards achieving your goals faster.

Viola Tam, Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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