A New You Starts with YOUR DESIRE

Welcome to my blog, where you can tap into ‘Secrets’ of Starting a New YOU.

While my blog is focusing on helping others to be successful in doing Network Marketing professionally, I am going to cover some critically important knowledge and concepts that can assist YOU to move forward in life.

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In my previous blog, I mentioned that a new financial year may be the perfect time for you to start a new path. A path that can lead you to a different outcome that you deserve.

NOTHING changes, NOTHING changes

Today, I’d like to focus on this critically important concept – NOTHING changes when NOTHING changes.

What I mean is that we really have to ask ourselves whether or not we are happy with the direct that our life is going.

If yes, we do not have to change so that we can stay happy and content.

However, if we feel that there maybe more in life than what is happening in our current reality, we have have to make a conscious decision – to stay where we are OR to do something different so that there will be a different outcome for our future.

Decision. Decision. Decision.

If you are wondering maybe there are ‘more’ out there than what you are now experiencing, you are in the right place!

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You may have heard that more and more professionals are joining Network Marketing…and that you really would like to explore whether this is for you too.

However, you are also aware that there are so many people out there who promise the world but simply fail to lead a new network marketer to their goals and dreams.

I can totally relate to that!

I have gone through lots of hardships in my own Network Marketing Success Journey too.

You certainly deserve to know the inside knowledge and tips in order for you to reach an informed decision – whether or not you too would like to START a journey of creating a NEW YOU through Network Marketing.

Here Comes My Success Tips

  1. Chasing your friends and relatives does NOT work. Don’t do that!Young boy running

DO THIS: Go and strategically find the RIGHT persons to talk to instead. Even better, share what you know and ATTRACT the right persons to you instead. It is so much easier to grow your business with the Social Media platforms and technology.

2. Persistence does NOT work either when the other person is not ready!

For example, you will find lots of people out there suffering from poor health but refuse to even explore if your company’s products can possibly help. Let them go.

It is hard, YES I know! This was one of the hardest lessons that I had learned.

Insisting on helping when the other person is not ready to be helped creates tension. It can even damage the friendship or family relations.

Is it a path that is worth going? Obviously NOT, right?

The key is – share only when they are READY.

DO THIS: Focus on educating them about your products/services or business opportunity ONLY when they are open to receive. Seminars, webinars, MeetUps, small gatherings, one-on-one-presentations, etc ALL WORK!

You just have to find a style that suits you the most. Do whatever it takes to master the skills required. Then, off you go to CREATE your own results. A NEW YOU!

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3. How STRONG is your desire to make a change and create a NEW YOU in this coming year?

Without a clear VISION relating how you would like your future to be, it is impossible for you to stay focused and emotionally attached to your desire.

With a clear vision and a strong desire, you will be able to master any (basic) skills required for success!

I have yet to find a team member who has not got the POTENTIAL to be successful.

Yet, does he or she want to be successful?
If yes, how strong is the desire? More importantly, how COMMITTED is he or she to keep the focus and charge forward to honour the DESIRE?

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YOUR Next Step

If you feel that it is your time to START doing something different to have a better future, I congratulate you!

If you feel that doing Network Marketing professionally may be for you too, I am happy to have a 20-30 minute phone conversation with you to see if I could be of further assistance to you.

Feel leave a comment or share if you find this blog helpful.

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