ABC… Got Started… but WHY still not working?

Let’s start by summarizing the network marketing tips so far:

1) A = Awareness – that network marketing is a legitimate business model that can help you earn ‘residual income’
2) B = Belief in the network marketing company (solid foundation), the products or products/services AND, most importantly, your belief that YOU can do network marketing right.
3) C = Clarity – you have a clear vision regarding what are you going to achieve and when are you going to achieve it. (Note: I did not mention ‘HOW’ as this is not as important as your WHY’ (the reasons why you are in network marketing in the first place.).

In the last blog, we talked about the importance in getting started. This means that you have to get started without first knowing HOW you are going to accomplish your goal.

Let’s now take an honest look at what most people do. Yes, they have started, have A (Awareness), B (Belief) and C (Clarity). You yourself may be in this category or personally know someone in this category….AND… not suceeding! WHY?


We shall take a look at that “Why” factor in our next post.


Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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