‘Always Be Closing’ & Trial Closing

Welcome to this blog post of mine covering one of the most powerful skills that I have learned from Jeffrey Combs. If you have missed out on his tips on prospecting, check it out here.

What is Effective ‘Closing’?

Closing is simply about our ability to ASK for the order. This usually is done after a presentation and at the follow up stage. Closing = to complete, the end, the decision, the commitment!

Enterpreneurs in network marketing are paid for our RESULTS, not our closing efforts!

It is only when we really appreciate our time that we would not be wasting time on the wrong prospects!

To be closing effectively means to be able to collect decisions quickly. Favourable decision? Unfavourable decision? It does not matter!

How to ‘Close’ Effortlessly?

Jeffrey is an exceptional trainer in Network Marketing! His Psychology of Closing CD training has assisted me to go from an amateur to one who can appreciate the power of ‘Trial Close‘ in the marketing journey.

You may be wondering, what a trial close is…..

Here is the truth: People typically do not buy or invest in our business because they have not seen enough value in getting the products or involved!

Jeffrey introduced me the the idea of ABC of Closing – Always Be Closing!

What it means is that, throughout the presentation or follow up, we ask questions to see what is the emotional level for people to buy or join us. To Jeffrey, there is a whole psychology to the idea of closing. I totally agree with him that the trial closing questions are to collect valuable information. It is a fact collection process that should not be perceived as painful. It is there to assist people to move  closer to a decision.  Jeffrey has this wonderful saying that ‘objections are better prevented than treated‘! Objections are NOT permanent – as a professional network marketer, we have to be able to trial close. When we sense that the prospect is ‘hot enough’ (ready to buy or invest), we close. Closing is pretty much a natural consequence of our trial closing process.

Examples of Trial Closing Questions

Here are some of the commonly used trial closing questions that I have learned from Jeffrey over the years:

Mary, do you consider yourself an enterpreneur?

Tom, do you see value in what I am presenting to you?

John, how would it feel like to own your time on your terms?

Emily, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being ready to sign up and 1 being no interest, where do you see yourself?

Effective Closing

It  is very important to understand that when the prospect is not ready to make a change in his or her life, we have to be willing to accept the decision and move on!

This is one of the most powerful tips that I have learned from Jeffrey – when the interest level is not as high as 8 to 10, there is no way that we can close the prospects.

The timing was not right for them or their desire level was not high enough for changing the quality of their life.  This is when we need to apply to takeaway tips that I talked about in my last blog.

We have to get sbsolutely clear that we have NOT lost any sales as there was not any sales in the first place.

Effective closing means ACCEPTING the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ outcome gracefully.

Before the ‘Close’

To be able to ask brilliant questions for the trial close, professional network marketers MUST detach from the outcome of the actual close!

This means that BEFORE we connect with another prospect, we must re-focus on helping the current prospect! There should be NO EMOTIONAL attachment to the previous close!

As Jeffrey famously advocates, there is ‘more heart than talent’ in the Success Journey in Network Marketing! Once we have mastered the psychology and skills in trial closing and closing, we operate from PLEASURE, not PAIN.

A positive cycle goes on as we are more relaxed and focused in asking questions and listening! We are able to respond spontaneously – ‘on our feet’!

It is what Jeffrey calls ‘The Hand-free Zone”. We are able to say things intuitively without feeling quilt. We are in the flow 🙂

Your Insights on Closing?

As usual, I love to hear your personal success journey!

Have you any closing tips to share?

Feel free to share this post if you feel that this can be of help to others 🙂

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

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