‘Always Moving Forward’ with Brian Tracy’s Success Tips (9)

Welcome back for the last two Personality Power mentioned by Brian Tracy!

Hear how the young Brian encourages us to have the Courage to ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD…develop the habit of choosing to confront fear and see it disappear like smoke!

Let’s hear this GREAT leader speaks with confidence here:




I like what Brian talks about always moving forward. With each mastery of skills, we are moving another step towards our end goal. Last year, I finally realized that in order to make a leap in my business, I need to learn how to market!  Rather than constantly meeting people and asking for referral in the real world, I have discovered the power of the internet in marketing. This is a totally new area that I have never dreamt of  doing. Brian is right, by following what other successful people do, we can also get results.  I am confident that I will be getting the results I anticipate.


Brian’s summary is encouraging! Most of us come from a place of self-doublt. We KNOW that if we follow a Success Formula, we will be successful. Yet, why the formulae are so well-known but so few people are successful?

My observation is that many people do not have the courage to step up and ACT according to what they know they should do. Maybe not too many people truly want what they say they want.

What  Brian says is so right:

your true belief is always expressed in your actions


HOW are we going to achieve confidence when we do not have it yet?

Here is the GOOD NEWS:

If the TRUE INTENT is there, by PRETENDING  to have the confidence  and ACT accordingly…

UNTIL ….. the FEELING of being successful in us!

With this SUCCESS PATTERN. nothing in the whole world can stop us from getting up again and again when faced with challenges!


Reaching our goals is a matter of WHEN, not HOW any more!



Have you had a clear vision of where you would like to go in 2012?

Is that your TRUE intention?

What ACTION are you taking to reach your goal?



Success breeds success!

Have you got a success story to share (and inspire others)?


Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach








Queen of Hearts

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