Appreciation for ‘What is’

For those of you who have been following what was happening in the Network Marketing Blogging world, you may have heard that I came 14 in the Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest!

My initial goal was to get into the Top 50 List. As the contest went, I realized that I could set a bigger goal and was aiming for 100 comments and votes.

At the end, I do not know if I reached that 100 votes. What I would like to share is that the whole experience is amazing!

Appreciation for Your Support

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for those who have voted or cheered for me along the journey.

I did my best to give my voters my signature ‘Thank You Heart’. If I have omitted you for whatever reasons, please accept my apology. Here is the heart for you:

Appreciating For ‘What Is’

While I have my goals for the contest, my FOCUS was never on the end result. I was focusing on doing the right things to get get better results.

I called up friends, send private messages, do marketing campaigns, promote in forums, my FaceBook wall and in my blog.

I was busy reviewing other contestants’ blogs and voting for them.

I was connecting with new friends because of this contest.

I found myself truly appreciative of George Fourie’s initiative and hard work. He must have spent endless hours in approving thousands of votes manually to make sure that they are legitimate ones! You can connect to his ‘ThatMLMBeat” site here.

Throughout the contest, I was tired but enjoying the ride. I was not concerned or worried about the outcome.  I was just implementing strategies to get more votes in.

Magic Happens

I was honored to be named the Best Up & Coming Bloggersby Natasha Nassar Hazlett!

Everything seemed like in a dream to me!

Natasha said in her Video Launch for her course ‘Branded:100% Authentic’ these words – ‘As the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’ How true!

This prize arrived just in time as I plan to gear my blog content for stay-at-home mums for 2013 and beyond!

I am definitely ready to take on another challenge!

Link to the Official Top 50 List

If you are keen to bring your Network Marketing business to another level, I would suggest you to visit this site and learn from the top MLM bloggers!

Final Thoughts

If you have not participated in the contest before, watch out for next year’s contest!

Last year as I was voting for others, I promised myself that I would take up the challenge.

I hope you too would give serious thoughts to joining this amazing community! I have made a lot of supportive friends!

Queen of Hearts

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