The Art of Fulfillment in MLM Success

Welcome back for another session of Jeff Roberti’s passion-filled video training!

In this video, Jeff shares how the Network Marketing Success that he has been enjoying has made him a fulfilled man!

He first joined the company for getting out of his financial hardship. NOW, it is NOT the position, NOT the money but the fulfillment in watching what others HAVE BECOME that is fulfilling for him.

Where on earth are we able to find an industry that is so rich in relationships, love, connection, growth and making an impact on others’ lives?

As Jeff mentioned, the meaning and fulfillment that come with his success is priceless! He made the decision to ‘retire INTO’ his business.

Here is the video:


Retire Into The Business

I can totally relate to Jeff’s idea of retiring INTO his business as his business has become a way of life for him. Jeff has been living on purpose. This is the greatest joy of living. Doing things NOT because we have to do them to make a living. Doing ithem simply because we love what we do and we do what we love.

I have been blessed with meeting a lot of senior leaders who have also retired INTO their network marketing business. Work is no longer work. Every day, there is an opportunity in touching others’ lives for the better 🙂 As Jeff mentioned, the more lives touched, the bigger the impact! The bigger pay cheque is the natural consequence of what we do to serve others.

Passion-filled Business

I would like to share another video here.

Can you feel Jeff’s ‘Grow Me, Serve You’ attitude?


Network Marketing success is all about truly putting others’ needs and dreams in the spotlight. This is relevant in prospecting. It is also important in team building. Check out my last blog for more information here.

The passion about the products IS the reason that Jeff keeps on sharing with people he cares about. It is about making an impact on others’ lives through whole food nutrition. I could not agree more with the concluding line: When you know what you know, it is a responsibility.

How can we NOT share if we have heard amazing stories about getting rid of debilitating joint pains from elderly friends?

How can we NOT share if we have heard healing stories of young children becoming allergy-free through nutritional support?

How can we NOT share if we witnessed the amazing transformation of a desperate single mum into a successful business woman?

You may also want to check out my other blog post on ‘ethical dilemma’ here.

For those of you who are exploring this network marketing industry, I strongly suggest you to find a company whose products or services appeal to you emtionally. It is the results of using the products that ‘sell’.

The ingredients have no meaning, the benefits do!

Likewise, the Network Marketing industry has no meaning, the positive impact on people’s lives do!

Share Your Passion

What are you passionate about?

Any life-transforming stories to share?

If you find value in this post, please comment and share.

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