Avoiding Dream Killers in 2013

Welcome, my friends! It is the beginning of another year! Yes, I know we are ahead of you (I am in Sydney, Australia). You may still have a number of hours before counting down to 2013.

Let’s reflect. Did you set goals in 2012? If yes, have you accomplished most of your goals? What can you learn from the experience?

If you did not set any goals in 2012, why not? Have you always been living life by default? If yes, are you happy and content with who you are?

A New Beginning

1 Jan 2013 is a NEW beginning for us all. As many great trainers in Success Mindset emphasize – the future start RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE.

There is nothing tangible about the past. The most important part of your future is NOW.

If you have not accomplished some of your goals, what have you learned so that you can move forward in 2013?

Brian Tracey famously said that ‘Success is Predictable’. What skills do you need to help you move towards your new goal? What tasks and strategies do you need to implement to reach that goal?

There is absolutely no reason for you to repeat the mistakes in 2012. You do not need to be spinning the wheels. Identify what inspires you and energizes you. Be in a  positive and supportive environment. Move forward.

Begin your year with smaller tangible goals. Work backwards and divide the goal into smaller action steps. Then ‘Just do it!’ It works!!  Watch the smaller successes snowballing into bigger and bigger rewards as the days and months go by in 2013.

We are GREAT. We just have to understand that some work may have to be done to let the greatness within shine.

Avoiding Dream Killers

Throughout my 9 years in Network Marketing, I have learned a lot about our own power.

One very important lesson that I have learned is that no-one can steal or kill our dream if we DO NOT ALLOW others to do so!

Rather than focusing on how to set goals and achieve them, I’d rather focus on helping you to identify the dream killers. They are everywhere. They are very good at disguising as our great mates or supporters. Beware and avoid them at all costs! Here they are:

1. Your TV 

I first learned about this term ‘Electronic Income Reducer’ from the amazing Network Marketing leader Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark. His famous 30-day Mental Fast is something that many new network marketers can benefit. Basically, he talks about how we ALLOW our subconscious mind be bombarded with so many negative messages that we end up having negative thoughts. When something promising is presented to us, the automatic negativity in our subconscious mind then take over. Even when we have an ambitious goal, the external goal will be forever in conflict with our own internal dialogue. Great wisdom!

Later, I heard a similar message in his audio CD training from the legendary pioneer Network Marketing trainer, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter. He also shares the wisdom from another amazing telemarketing trainer Tom Paredes. Both Tom Schreiter and Tom Paredes are exceptionally skilled in finding out people’s TRUE goals and dreams by building relationships and asking question.

Tom Paredes help others to see how their life could be, NOT life as it is. He stresses the importance of finding people who has a strong desire for change. One of his script is like this:

“John, an average American spend about 40 hours watching TV every week. What if you could, let say, instead of watching 40 hours a week, watch 30 hours a week, and take those 10 hours to earn extra money, would you be interested in something like that?”

Now, to the MOST insightful remarks about TV from my favourite personal development trainer, the late Jim Rohn! To the question ‘How much does the TV cost?”, here is his answer:

“The TV costs $400 to buy. It costs $40,000 to watch. It costs TOO MUCH!”

2. Well Meaning Friends or Relatives 

Most people have to survive friends and relatives’ ridicules before they can really focus their time and energy in building their Network Marketing organization.

Here are some examples to reassure you that it is quite a ‘normal’ scenario:

** The ex-minister Mark Yarnell was warned to rejected by his father.

** Jeffrey Combs was advised by his educated parents to ‘get a real job’.

** Jeff Robert had his waiter friends saying to him that what he dreamed of could not be done.

** Brian Carruthers’ father and brother ridiculed him for what he was pursuing.

How can we identify them? 

Here are some real life experiences that may resonate with you:

“Viola, you are so hard working! Why didn’t you get a job. You can be very successful at whatever you do.”

” Viola, we are not at a level that we can attract leaders. What about we just focus on helping those mums around us so that we can all collect a small pay cheque.”

“Viola, couldn’t you see that this may work for Aussies (Australians) but it would not work for our Chinese community?”

“Viola, this is not going to work as there isn’t any Chinese brochures. It would be difficult for us to build this in the Chines community.”

Viola, I could not believe that you are so irresponsible, advising (John) to get distracted with this MLM thing.”

“Viola, why did you take up the Social Work degree now that you are not doing Social Work. The spot at Uni could have been given to anther person.”

“Viola, why aren’t you happy and content? Why are you so hard working? You can enjoy the time now that your kids do not need you driving them around for lessons.”

“Viola, since you said the learning curve (about online marketing) is so steep for you, how about abandoning it all together?”

I LOVE this last one! The wording may not be exactly the same…. but you will get the idea!

“Viola,  I can see that you have the quality of a leader, you got to check this out! Our company is expanding into Australia. You can be one of the founding members!”

NOTE:  I can honestly say that these people have the best intention. If you recognise yourself here, please do not get offended. I want to illustrate a point. NO-ONE is able to steal your dream unless you allow that person to do so!

How to deal with those Dream killers?

Be respectful. Accept where they are. Focus on our dreams!

Be vigilant. Do not allow people or circumstances to drain our energy. Associate with the right team, great mentor and other supportive communities.

Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark shares that he had to stay away from his mum. As soon as his mum started to talk negatives about his dreams, he would quickly say that he had to go, ending with ” I love you, Mum.” Great tactic to keep the focus without hurting relationships.

Awareness is the key. NOTHING, absolutely nothing should be in the way!

Identify what are in the way and go through the hurdle.

3. Shiny Objects

Shiny objects are those tools or opportunities that may be great BUT are not directly contributing to what you need to achieve your Network Marketing success NOW.

You must be able to quickly identify them. This way, your time and energy can be spent on the purposeful tasks like prospecting, following up, team building and blogging.

I have fallen into many traps whilst I was exploring ways to generate my own leads online. Here are some common categories:

(A) Other ‘ground floor’ opportunities

(B) Other ‘cutting-edge’ tools and gidgets

(C)  other less-than-relevant training webinars, bootcamps, coaching classes, etc.

(D) other Joint Venture opportunities

(E) Affiliate Marketing opportunities

Affiliate Marketing is a great one if you have it on auto-pilot. If this requires a lot of your time and energy to set up, you may have to re-think if you really need that cash flow now.

For any joint venture, it involves a good understanding of what the other person does. It is often a project that may be beneficial as add-on down the track. Decide wisely if now is the time for that. FOCUS. FOCUS FOCUS. This is an area that my business coach has been stressing all months!

4 YOU yourself

Be exceptionally good at taking full responsibility of what you do (or NOT do). Be honest. Keep yourself accountable every day!< I cannot stress enough about the importance of a mentor. The simple tasks that will lead us to GREATNESS are the easy tasks. As Jerry 'DRhino' Clark says all the time, they are easy to do, and easy NOT to do!

Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing? Is your desire for success a burning one?

Are you still hearing those negative voices in your mind saying that your goals and dreams cannot be achieved?

Be brutally honest! If that is the case, you need help! There are plenty of great resources that you can use to help your mind grow into a Million Dollar Mindset!


Wishing you all a Most Amazing Journey of Discovery & Success in 2013!

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