Avoiding F.A.I.L.U.R.E. – Part 2

In my last post, I talked about Avoiding Fantasies in order that you know what it takes to be successful in network marketing.

Today, we will talk about Fantasy No.2 – that you can be lazy and just have 1 or 2 leaders who are committed and work hard to build a large organization for you.

While there is some truth in this statement (that LEADERS will build the organization), there is a catch! Where do we find the leaders?  If you have been learning or doing network marketing for a while, you probably be able to IDENTIFY what the leader qualities are…..Well, just recruit those leaders seems like  a great strategy! However, many leaders are already ‘married to’ their own network marketing companies.  So, what should we do? I find Tom ‘Big Al’  Schreiter’s approach to be both sensible and ethical: instead of ‘stealing’ leaders, we recruit potential leaders and then develope them into leaders.

The million dollar question is: HOW to attract the potential leaders and develope them?

The answer is: We OURSELVES have to step up and become a leader first. Potential leaders who are serious in doing network marketing well will be attracted to us! As a leader, we will be able to pass on the invaluable wisdom and skills to them. They can BE IN THE GAME right in the beginning and follow our Success Steps.  I call this “Small Steps to Success”, further extending the idea in Dani Johnson’sfamous live workshop “First Steps to Success”.

In my next post, I shall share with you Fantasy No. 3 (that the products can sell themselves or the internet can do all the job). Interested? Stay tuned!

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Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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