Avoiding F.A.I.L.U.R.E. – Part 4

Hi, friends! We are to continue our network marketing tips about avoiding F.A.I.L.U.R.E. If you like this post, you may like to go back to my previous three posts which cover some fantasies that can hinder your success.

Today we are talking about “A”. Many leaders have been stressing on the importance of having the right Mental Attitude for network marketing success. While positive mental attitude is 100% important, I’d like to talk about another “A” which is our Attitude Towards Our Prospects.

 “We Are All Deserving” Attitude

ANYONE who comes into our lives might be our “potential partner”, a term used by Michael Oliver in his teachings. It is very important mindset and concept that is going to serve you. We do not judge our potential partner by their age, educational background, colour, past successes/failures, etc. When we communicate with others with the deep-seated belief that we are all good and deserving, your potential partner is feeling accepted and loved. This is the very foundation of TRUST…that he or she would open up and really listen to what we have to offer. From there, we communicate, possibly promote and gather decisions.

As Kody Bateman, founder of SendOutCards, states, “The I/Me person sends out to himself and to others that he is superior, better than, more worthy than, and doesn’t have time for others. What people receive from this is feelings of inferiority or unworthiness. The I/Me then attracts inferiority. What he gives is what he attracts.” A negative attitude simply does not serve us well.

3 Distinct Benefits of Having a Positive Attitude

 1)  Potential Partners Connect Better and Communicate Better with us. It is the sincerity and energy that would draw us towards our potential partners. A deeper dialogue would assist you to know more about the potential partner’s current circumstances. This is Law of Attraction in Action!

2)  You will find yourself more focused in listening to what is meant in the conversation. It is only when you are able to really know your potential partner’s  TRUE WANTS (NOT NEEDS) that you can see if you can offer them something that night be of help to them.

3)  You will be very comfortable with the “No”s. in your MLM Success Journey.  If the products or services that you promote are not what they want, you have NOT lost any sales. There was no sales to be made in the first place!

I trust that these tips can assist you to move forward with ease.

Stay tuned for the next tips – I = Ignorance (Specific MLM Skills).


Viola Tam,

 Your MLM Success Coach








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