Avoiding F.A.I.L.U.R.E. – Part 5

For those of you who have been following my blog on this mini-series, welcome back! If you are new here, I hope you find value in this post and decide to read my other posts as well.

I = Ignorance (about Network Marketing)

What is this about? Many of you probably have a good understanding about how network marketing is – the promotion of products or services through “word of mouth advertising”. I’d like to stress what network marketing is NOT when done ethically.  It is NOT about manipulating others to buy products or services that they do not want. Many network marketers are CRYSTAL CLEAR about this concept…. meaning: there is no “ignorance” in this area. So where is the “ignorance” part that you absolutely need to avoid?

Network Marketing is called Network + Marketing for a good reason! You cannot leap forward smoothly if you are just doing “Networking” OR “Marketing” well. It has to be BOTH. Let me elaborate….

(a)   Just Networking Strategy – you will end up making a lot of friends and developing strong relationships BUT, because you do not ask and go deeper into “Marketing”, you may not have the number of sales that you want. What you need is a SYSTEM that allows you to continually finding out if people need your products or services. As many experienced network marketers know, “No” often means “not now”. Exploring more if the potential partner would be happy to stay in contact is crucial for your success.

(b)   Just Marketing Strategy – if your focus is just on marketing, I suggest that you do OTHER types of sales. Network marketing is a people business. Going straight into marketing mode would often end up in people not even trusting what you are to say! What good is it if people do not take what you promote seriously? You definitely need to network and build rapport (and relationships) before you can find out whether or not your products or services are what people need AND want.

It took me many years before I recognized the importance of “Marketing”. Other people might share with you their long period of time staying in the networking mode for less than satisfactory results.

You want GREAT results in network marketing? Avoid the ignorance mentioned above.

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