Avoiding F.A.I.L.U.R.E. – Part 6

In today’s blog, I am going to talk about Leadership Challenges. One of the most important skills that we need to develop in network marketing is leadership skills. Why?

In Network marketing, PEOPLE in our organization IS our asset. In direct sales, YOU yourself are important because it is you who are connecting, presenting and promoting. Your success depends solely on how you perform. BUT….

Network Marketing is Different from Direct Sales!

In network marketing, it is all about each person doing his or her part well.  It is this duplication factor that determines if our group grows linearly (as in the case in direct marketing) or grows exponentially (as in the case of network marketing when done well). If we cannot bring out the best in our team members, the growth of the team will be compromised.

I would like to discuss something from John David Mann’s article The Myth of the “Ordinary Person”- If “Anyone Can Succeed in This Business, Then Why Doesn’t Everyone?”. Mann talks about the success of Dexter Yager whom he heard had

        pioneered the basic elements what today is reverently called

        “the system” and forms the foundation of network marketing

         methodologies throughout the profession, from the biggest

        “bootcamp” to the tiniest startup distributor manuel.

(quoted from Mann’s book The Zen of MLM – Legacy, Leadership and Network Marketing Experience, Essays and Editorials, 1991-2007, page 140)

When Dexter was interviewed, he said that he was “an ordinary guy with extraordinary dreams’. Having investigated into Dexter’s remarkable past about his fooling all his doctor and recovered from a serious stroke, Mann disagrees! He sees this:

         “Dexter Yager was always an extraordinary man.

          When he discovered network marketing, he stopped

          masquerading as an ordinary one.”

The BIGGEST challenge for leaders is to be able to truly recognize the GREATNESS in others no matter how different they are from us. Some people call the masquerading layers personality ‘masks’. Whatever we call them, that is not important. The key is for leaders to acknowledge that the TRUE person lies beneath! And… be able to LEAD them to success!

I will briefly talk about True Leadership in my next post. Stay tuned!


Viola Tam,

 Your MLM Success Coach




Queen of Hearts

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