Avoiding F.A.I.L.U.R.E – Part 8

Now, I have talked about a number of common pitfalls that you need to be aware in order to have a smoother Success Journey. Today, I am going to talk about U which stands for Un-discipline.

Many people would agree that for a network marketing business to grow, distributors have to promote the company’s products or services to many people (marketing). The better a person’s ability in doing that, the higher the success rate (of getting a “Yes”). Your sponsor or mentor should have stated clearly that you need to takes consistent daily action. Those actions, when performed in the right manner, would yield RESULTS. This is not rocket science….. BUT,  many people lack the discipline to do those simple steps! WHY?

“Discipline” itself is only a pseudo-reason for failure! Very often, the REAL reason why a team member has no discipline is that he or she has NOT really committed to the goal (as said or even promised). That is, the real reason is another D – Desire level is not high enough!

I would like to use parenting to make a point. Have you noticed that for a little girl who loves singing, you do not have to motivate her to sing. Likewise, for a boy who loves reading, no motivation is required for him to pick up yet another book to read. Parents do not need to discipline them to do the things they love to do. WHY? I have learned from Dr. John Demartini that for things that ranks HIGHEST on one’s value system, there is no need for external motivation. A person ALWAYS chooses to do things the highest in his or her value system. If  that person’s HIGHEST value is “having a great time with friends” rather than “committing to building an additional source of income of $10,ooo a month”, what do you think he will do when there is UNSTRUCTURED time?

Your HONEST Assessment of Your Own Desire Level is Crucial!

It is important to identify whether the lack of discipline is because the desire level is not high enough. If the answer is “Yes”, I am afraid there is nothing  a mentor can do to motivate you externally. If you can HONESTLY say that the desire level is really high but HABITS get in the way, then congratulations! WHAT??  Why congratulations? This is because there are tools and strategies that can help you focus and get back on track.

Stay tuned for the next post, I shall be covering a few of the strategies that are proven to be effective.

Meanwhile, have a honest soul searching time if you are in the Un-disciplined category.


Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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