Avoiding F.A.I.L.U.R.E. – Part 9

Hi, it has been a few days since I last wrote my blog series. I hope you have not been too disappointed.

Okay, back to business. What does it take to succeed in Network Marketing? We have been talking about avoiding a number of pitfalls. This time, I would like to talk about Repeating Mistakes.

I’d like you to consider this: EVERY GREAT LEADERS have had their fair share of making mistakes. What make them different from an ordinary gay or guy?

Successful people have this unstoppable drive for success because it is driven by passion or other strong emotional reasons. With a big enough ‘WHY’,  there is absolutely no way that a network marketer would want to give up the tasks according to the blueprint! Having said that, a blueprint is only a guide. There are predictable challenges when implementing the daily tasks! Here is where the most important lessons occur!

I love Jeffrey Combs‘ teaching about turning every road block into building block. With this  Success Mindset, doing the daily mundane task of prospecting, following up and teaching others is part of the Success Journey.  When challenges arise, we learn how the ‘mistakes’ can help us grow (towards achieving our goals).

Here are some real life case studies:

Case 1: Have we been coached to listen well but failed to do so because our month opened too soon because we wanted to show others that we knew better? How about refining our communication skills in order to be a more effective listener?

Case 2: Have you ever felt pressured and uncomfortable when someone desperately wanted to grab you along to a meeting or check out a website? Do you think we can be a bit more civilized and respectful? What about be more mindful of others’ personality style?

Case 3: When doing follow up calls, have you been able to totally focused on what the potential partner’s needs and concerns? Or, have you been focusing on “What is the best way to get him sign up?”. How about refining the skills in doing follow up calls? Role play with your mentor? Observing how other successful people do it and model?

Case 4: When others join our organization and absolutely love the products, have you ever tried to convince them about how GREAT the business side is even if they have expressed no interest at all in the financial benefits? How about choosing to respect their decision (not to be in business) but continuously connecting well with them? 

Case 5: Have you recruited people with great leadership skills and you have been trying to “inspire” them to be a serious builder only to find out that they love only the products? Have you ever realized that the time and effort on this particular potential leader can be better spent elsewhere? Learning HOW to identify leaders who WANT to build business is perhaps another skill that needed to be mastered?

Once you have this Building Block Mindset anchored well as your habit, you will be in the flow. Success is easy journey!

I encourage you to check out Jeffrey’s many video clips on YouTube…and keep growing your building blocks collection.

See you at the Top!


Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach



Queen of Hearts

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