Avoiding F.A.I.L.U.R.E. – Pt.10

Welcome to the last one of this mini-series about avoiding F.A.I.L.U.R.E. in network marketing. Today, we are going to talk about E = Ego Trip

Many people come into network marketing have challenges relating to their ego. One of the successful role model in network marketing that I admire is Dani Johnson. She has quite a tough style when it comes to challenging her students so that they can grow.

What exactly is an Ego Trip?

If in your mind you are thinking what an uneducated women like Dani can possibly teach you how to do network marketing well, that is an ego trip!

If you think that you have many years experience in your own professional career and therefore do not need to listen to a trainer like Dani, that is an ego trip!

If whilst you are being mentored by a successful person,  refused to follow the leader (and the blueprint)….and comes up with your own very creative idea, that is an ego trip!

If you have learned from successful leaders like Dani but later changed some of the ways to do things because you think that your idea is better, it could be an ego trip!

Dani Johnson: “The worse thing about Success is a little bit of success.”

Many people tend to have a big ego and want to re-invent the wheels at the time when the existing system is working well. Their belief is that: I can do BETTER than this!  The truth is, any deviation from the Proven Success System (Success Blueprint) will yield different results.

The question is: Do you want different results? If yes, why?

When Dani was to be coached under her mentor, she came up with the idea of “how about doing this …and doing that” type of mentality. Her mentor suggested that how about she was to make the amount of money as much as him (or her) before coming up with any new idea. In short, Dani was asked to be 100% coachable. This is GREAT leadership!

Ego v.s. Bank Account

Dani Johnson has the courage to ask if her students would like to have their EGO or BANK ACCOUNT. Very powerful way to encourage others to think deep and hard for their own destiny!

Here is a short video clip from Dani to conclude this post:


I sincerely hope that you have picked up some valuable tips here.

Putting down my ego has helped me to leap forward. I hope this post can fast track your success too.


Viola Tam,

Your MLM  Success Coach






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