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This is a blog that is inspired by Mark Januszewski’s training. He is one of the most authentic trainers that I have come across.

One of the biggest lessons that Mark emphasized is that Network Marketing success is not an over-night success. Some  people who are not in this profession may have been told that they can achieve success relatively fast. Yet most people may have difficulty in believing that simple steps taken over a period of time can bring about great results in just 3-5 years.

I would like to share his interview with Fran Patoskie with you. Fran shares how her “I am here to learn” attitude has helped her to achieve amazing results.

If you are one of those people who have doubts if you too can achieve great results by learning the right skills and focusing on working just part time, this interview is for you.

I trust that this interview can open your eyes to what is possible.

Yes! By just being you!

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Of course, you need to grow in order to be successful. However, the ‘Brain Pain’ that Fran talks about may be the best thing that could have happened in your life!

Please note how Fran talks about her purpose of serving others, working part time and having balance in life.

Aren’t those goals common to most people?

Leaders are learners. Fran did not expect overnight success. She attracted others to join her team because she is authentic. Team members trust her ability to lead them to a better future, a future that they want.

Click here for the interview.

While I am a student of Mark in his Go90Grow Program, I have not done his Master Key Program – the MKMMA Program. I am now on the waiting list. I cannot wait until getting started and experience another level of success!

If you wish to tap into Mark’s wonderful training program and wisdom, check out his site here.

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