Belief in Yourself !

Okay, let’s move on to ‘Belief in Yourself’. This is a HUGE one. As I mentioned before, I witnessed people come and go in network marketing. Many left within their first year of joining the company without having the slightest idea why some people in the same company (same network marketing industry as well) promoting the same products or opportunity can make it work but they just can’t. I’d like to quote what Dani Johnson says: If your heart is in the right place, this is simple and it makes an impact on everyone around you.

If you passed the other 2 beliefs but doubt that you can really do what it takes to be successful (because you are too young, too old, uneducated, too busy, etc), I encourage you to listen to Dani’s inspiring story. Go to If you are a Christian, there is a special session for you too.

There are other trainers specializing in this area too. The shedding of your own ’emotional baggage’ is a major step in doing network marketing right. In our team system, the emphasis is on reading personal development books and listening to motivational CDs so that you will be free from emotional constrains that would hold you back.  If you need more directions, connect with me and I shall be able to point you to more resources.

Viola Tam, Your MLM Success Coach


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