Big Al’s Secret Weapon – Painting A Picture

Welcome to the last blog post on MLM Success Tips that I learned from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter.

Today I am going to talk about his greatest strength in being able to ‘Paint A Picture’ in the prospect’s mind.

Big Al shares that in order for our prospects to relate to us on an emotional level, we must engage them with ‘word pictures’. This way, they are able to have a vision on what their life COULD BE, not things as they are at present. In short, by communicating to our prospects skillfully, we are able to help them see how things could be better in future.

Tom’s Story

Tom shares how he first became involved with Network Marketing. After answering an advertisement, he and his wife attended a business opportunity meeting that was about three hours long. It was the worse business opportunity that he had ever been to. As he said ‘No’ to the opportunity and sneaked out from the back, the person who invited him to the meeting ‘painted a picture’ for him to ‘see’ how his future could be. That night, Big Al joined the business and his life was changed forever.

You would probably be wondering what magical words did that person say to Tom to paint that picture. Here is what Tom shares in his CD training what his sponsor said:

“Tom, when you join our business, here is what happens: six months from now, you walked into your boss’ office, lean back on the chair, put your feet on the desk, put your hands behind your head and calmly tell your boss that you can’t fit him in your schedule any longer. And that you enjoyed working there, any time he needed help, he can call you at 11 am at a consulting fee of ….. packed up the belongings, walked to the door and waived good-bye to your fellow co-workers who said that it couldn’t be done…. Then, …. got your bonus cheque, went to the bank……. Then, went home and …..”  

You may be thinking that this may be going too far! That was my initial thought too.  You may be arguing that some people make up their decision based on facts and logic. Personally, I don’t thing that is the case. Even if it is, my understanding is that only 15% of the population belongs to the category that goes deep into facts and figures. I would argue that Tom’s painting a picture would work pretty well for most of the ‘ordinary’ prospects.

Why Using Picture Words?

You may have heard about this MLM success tips – ‘Facts Tell, Stories Sell’.

People relate to stories! Let me illustrate. When I say ‘James Bond’, what is in your mind? The words ‘James Bond” or the image of a ‘007 James Bond’ as we see in movies?

When we are able to relate to our prospects using stories and picture words, the prospect is able to see what we see. 

For example, this is the story that I would tell to a prospect who has recently been made redundant:

“Hey Mary, have I told you about Judy’s story? After working for over two decades for ABC company, she was shocked to find out that she was made redundant just 12 months before she was about to retire! Could you imagine the frustration that she went through in trying to get another job? She just could not believe that with all these years of experience, she could not even get another job in 9 months! You know what? Judy ended up joining our company a year ago. And, she won a all expenses-paid trip by the company after just 9 months. She said that was the most amazing experience when she was relaxing next to the pool in that luxurious resort in Hawaii!”

You can see that this story-telling technique can be used in prospecting, handling objections as well as in ‘closing’ (I do not like this term. I like to use ‘collecting decisions’ instead.). We can even use this technique for helping new team members to stay in the business longer. 

Word Picture For New Team Members

Tom has a special ‘orientation speech’ to new distributors that works magics! It helps the new team member to have a much clearer vision on ‘Why’ they are doing what they do. It helps the new distributors to get internally motivated.

Here is an example:

“When you join our business, here is what happens. 60 days from now, you walk down to your mail box, pick up your mail, sort through the mails, there were some bills, catalogue, there are some junk mail. And there is a letter from your Network Marketing company. Oh, you go inside, rip off the envelope…and it is not a letter. It is a cheque. It is a cheque for $350 dollars. And this is $350 extra that you have for whatever you want to do because you have already got your pay cheque and have taken care of your other bills.”

Simple but POWERFUL.

Our prospects start to visualize that the future could be different. That vision will keep them in the ‘moving forward mode’ for that specific dream of theirs.

Final Words

The orientation vision conversation described above is to make sure that new distributors do not lose sight of their goals and dreams. If you would like to find out more about ‘big Al’ power tips and resources, click here.

In order to keep our new team member’s motivation high, other crucial factors do count. These include:

1) linking them with using the products to get product testimonials or the ‘in love’ feeling with the products

2) connecting them with one-on-one for that personal relationship and mentorship

3) tapping into the company’s corporate and/or training events to educate about the company vision and mission

4)  connecting them to training/webinars to allow them to hear more testimonials (stories of success)

5)  helping them to get started right and enrolling 3-4 new people in their first month to build confidence

Sharing Time

Have you ever used this painting a picture technique in your prospecting?

What about in handling objections? And, in collecting the final decision?

Have you ever thought about ‘time freedom’ may not mean as much as a picture such as ‘be around with your children whilst they are still young’?

What about ‘travelling all over the world with your family and good friends in business’ rather than using ‘financial freedom’?

I’d love to hear your comments. Do share if you like this post! 

PS: If you have not grabbed a copy of my e-Book “Navigating The Network Marketing Maze”yet, I encourage you to check out my short video clip here

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