Communicating At the Prospect’s Level

Welcome back to the second last of the Communication Qualities that I learned from Tim Sales. I really hope that by going through these blog posts, you will be able to get a glimpse of the importance of communication in doing Network Marketing the professional way.

Let’s dive in for this Communication Quality No. 9 – Communicating At The Prospect’s Level.


Tim has found the use of words that people can easily understand very helpful.

Tim explains that we need to be aware that if we do not communicate with words that our prospects already know, there is a chance that he or she may feel alienated or lost. When we communicate out of context or using vocabularies that our prospects do not understand, they may feel confused. Tim reveals that we need to be aware if we are communicating on the same wavelength with others. Does the prospect ‘get’ our message? Do they really understand what we are talking about?

Some people like to use ‘BIG words’ or jargons to impress others. Tim’s observation is that the speaker is usually trying to be ‘interesting’. However, do we want to be ‘interested in’ our prospect or do we want to impress them?


Tim Sales is widely know in the Network Marketing industry as someone who built a HUGE business, starting part time. We are blessed to have him shifting his energy into teaching others to be hugely successful. You probably have come across leaders who may be great in prospecting, following up and even in ‘closing the sale’ BUT just did not seem to be able to train his or her team members well.

Here, Tim explains HOW we could know that we are using the right vocabularies when talking to our prospects.

Observe. Observe what the the prospect is expressing on his face or body language.

HOW to bring them back to focus then?

Tim shares that asking questions is a great way to check out if the prospect is following what we are talking about. He may ask, ‘What does that mean to you?” Tim is a trainer who do not believe in multi-tasking. We ask questions. We fully listen. This is the way to have our focus 100 percent back on our prospects.

Have you had incidents when your prospects do noy seem to ‘get’ what you are talking about? Perhaps you were getting impatient and even angry?

Here comes one of Tim’s MOST POWERFUL success tips:

Take Responsibility

Tim explains that this Network Marketing industry pays well those who have the patience to explore. To put the focus on what is happening in the prospect’s life….by communicating to the prospect at the same level.

Sensing a feeling of ‘distance’? Work on the communication skills and get good at it.

When we take full responsibility in delivering our service well AND training others to do the same, we will have a strong professional team.

That is how Tim himself has built his huge organization of tens of thousands.

My Preferred Vocabularies

* sponsor instead of upline; support team instead of upline

* team member instead of downline; my team instead of my downlines

* enrolling a team member instead of recruiting a team member

* opening an account instead of registering a customer

* setting up an account instead of registering a distributor

* reward points instead of pv (personal volume)

Sharing Time

Do you have any communication stories relating to Tim’s way of communicating with our prospects?

Any particular vocabularies you have been using that are effective?

What about sharing your thoughts by leaving a comment?

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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