Communication Quality No. 4 I learned from Tim Sales

Welcome back to the 4th communication quality I learned from Tim Sales. If you would like to start with the very first one, please click here.

Here is Qulaity No. 4:

Amount of Assertiveness

Our goal in communication is to assert our opinion across to our prospects.

With too much assertiveness, we push the prospect away. We may cause our prospects to completely shut down. They may stop listening to ANY of our future messages. Ineffective communication, isn’t it?

Too little assertiveness? We may be perceived as lacking in confidence or belief in our products or opportunity.

Tim shares that as each of our prospects is different, we must communicate with the right amount of assertiveness.

What then is the RIGHT amount of assertiveness?

You may have learned that it is wise to be able to adjust our communication style to suit the personality of our prospects. Similarly, we need to assert at a level that is comfortable for the prospect. I have found that while a certain level of assertiveness may be just right for a particular prospect, it could be too much or too less for another.

How do we know that the level of assertiveness is right?

A Third Eye

Tim teaches that we need to be aware of the prospect’s reponses. When communicating, it is wise to have ‘a thrid eye’ as our feedback mechanism. We can adjust our level of assertiveness accordingly. When we communicate to the prospect with the appropriate amount of assertiveness, there is no resistance. We can then share ideas and educate.

The Ladder Analogy

Tim uses this wonderful analogy about a ladder. He imagines that the prospects may be at different position. The middle rung of the ladder represents ‘neutrality’. The prospect is neither positive nor negative about our ideas (say, about the business opportunity or the benefits of minerals and vitamins).

We aim to lead the prospect up the leader.

When we have the third eye, we will be more aware whether this is indeed happening. Or, are we actually pushing the prosperct down the ladder?

‘Rehabilitating’ SOME Prospects

What Tim means is that SOME of our prospects may have been pushed down the ladder by some other network marketers. We then, as professionals, have to ‘rehabilitate’ them and bring them back to ‘neutrality’ first. We then continue to communicate effectively in order to ‘suggestively manoeuvre’ them to go up the ladder.

What is the best way to do that?

We have to be able to communicate effectively.

We have to be fully interested in the prospect.

Mastering all the four communication qualities we have talked about so far will make you a good communicator.

To be brilliant, learn to master all the ten qualities that Tim has identified.

I will continue to share those in my blog.

Time for Sharing

Have you heard of Tim’s ladder analogy? What about the use of a third eye as your feedback mechanism?

Ever since I have implemented this strategy, there is no more ‘loving pushing’ as I did before! Just educating and sharing ideas. Prospecting has become so much easier doing it the Tim Sales’ way!

Have you ever scared away your prospects because of using too much aassertiveness? If yes, what have been helpful for bringing you back on track?

Please share your experiences and insights by leaving a comment.

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Appreciation in advance!

Viola Tam

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