Communication Quality No. 7 – Telling The Truth

I have covered six of Tim Sales’ Communication Qualities in the past blog articles. Here comes the 7th one – Telling The Truth.

Tim believes that it is in the best of your financial interest to be truthful.  We gain respect by being truthful and building trust.

His observation is that when we are not telling the truth, our downline (team members) and prospects would  not be following us. His view is that HOW you communicate is very important. When we communicate with dishonesty or are being unethical, the communication is poor.

Not Telling The Truth

Tim noticed that there are a few key categories of untruthfulness. I am highlighting two important ones here:

1. False representation about income earned

Tim raises an important point. Someone once falsely stated the income earned by him. By not pointing out the mistake, Tim was implicitly agreeing to the claimed income. That was not being truthful. It was until one day when Tim had clarified the mistake that he freed himself from feeling trapped in his own lie.

He also pointed out that in some cases, a leader may have achieved a certain level of income because of his bringing along some of his downlines from the previous company. By omitting this fact, it is untruthful as this creates an impression that building an organization will be easier than it really is.

2. Stating information about products or services that have not been substantiated

If the efficacy of a particular product has not been tested using a standard ‘double blinded study’, claims should not be made. Tim teaches that we can always use product testimonials to bring out the benefits. We just don’t claim. We can use words such as “it appears that”. When there is no scientific proof, no claim.

3. Building the business not truthfully – with fiticious positions

Tim refers to the creating ficticious positions and creating volumes in order to get qulaified for a particular commission payout.

What kind of ‘leading by example’s this one?

What To Do With Previous Dishonesty ?

Tim’s top tips: Make it up and move on.

I remember in the early years of the network marketing journey, I sometimes put my direct recruits under my other personal recruit. The purpose was to ‘encourage’ the new team member to get ‘supported’. WRONG! I have learned that the best way to support is to ‘lead by example’. Teach new team members the skills. By new members themselves doing it right and having small successes, the team grows in a much healthier manner!

Have you noticed any dishonesty in your team or other teams? What was the consequence? Please share.

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

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