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Greetings from Viola for another Communication Quality that I have learned from the professional Network Marketing trainer Tim Sales. If  this is your first visit here, you may like to check out the previous posts. Click here to start.

For Communication Quality No. 8, it is about ‘Knowing What We Do’. This may seem obvious. Yet Tim shares some excellent insights.  Here are some key areas that a network marketer should get educated.

The Network Marketing Industry

(Also Known as Multi-Level Marketing or MLM)

As there were a lot of network marketers who were not doing marketing professionally, this industry has quite a bad name. Tim observes that perhaps the objection about the industry itself could be as high as 90 percent. As a professional, we need to know the business model well and be assertive. We have to be knowledgeable about the common objections and be able to quote statistics and reference to educate prospects about the legitimacy of this industry.

Explaining the Network Marketing concept can be quite a difficult task.

How do we explain the difference between an illegal pyramid and a legal MLM?

I have found Tim’s other marketing tool, the online Brilliant Compensation video extremely informative. If you have not heard about this tool, you can click here to find out more.

The MLM Company

Tim shares that we should know the MLM company’s mission statement well. He also suggests that we take a proactive approach to learning. Be at conventions. Arrive early and talk to key leaders of the company. Read all company’s newsletters and keep our knpowledge up-to-date.

The Products

Tim stresses the ‘differentiate or die’ concept. What he means is that we must know in what ways our products are different from other similar products on the market. When we are  knowledgeable, we can create the biggest impact when our prospects raised questions or concerns about the products.

Know About People

You may have learned from many other trainers in MLM that it is important to know about the different persoanlity styles so that you can communicate effectively with different people.

This is absolutely true!

However, Tim covers one very important point specifically about knowing people in the context of doing Network Marketing well. He states that the most important product you produce in network marketing is effective distributors. How well a leader trains his new distributors is an important point of differentiation.

For example, as a leader, you need to learn the communication skills relating how to train an aggressive network marketer effectively.

The training program may be the same system. Yet, you definitely need to train a more docile network marketer using a different style.

What about an arrogant distributor? The leader will have to make sure that he or she communicates in a way that the distributor would actually listen.

The bottom line is – HELP THEM to become effective distributors!

Tim is crystal clear about the fact that ‘No-one comes to the game ready to fully able to play the game’. Distributors always LACK some skills or else they would have already achieved what they wanted in life.

What is lacking? How to help them?

We may have the greatest compensation plan, the greatest company and the greatest products. Without the ability to sell, how can we help the company to market products or services?

Reflection Time

Are you delivering a training system that is professional and differentiating you from other trainers?

What have been your experience relating to effectively training your new team members?

I have found that ‘training doesn’t work’ in that it is great to give the new distributors the foundation. Real learning and improvement comes from the DOING. Get the new distributors trained and have them refining their skills whilst ‘in the game’. This is a great way to help them ‘earn as they learn’.

I appreciate your insights. Please share by leaving a comment.

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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