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Today, we are going to continue with our Communication Quality series based on what I have learned from Tim Sales through his CD set Brilliant Communicator. This is quality No. 6 –  “Do not Distract the Prospect”. If you would like to start the first Communication Quality, please click here.

Not to Distract the Prospect

Tim Sales is considered one of the best trainers in MLM (Network Marketing) because of his professionalism. In order to find out our prospect’s needs, want and don’t want, we need to find out their circumstances and feelings first.

The aim of the conversation is for us to be a problem solver and help the prospect to get what they want in life.

The common distraction that may shift our listening and problem solving ability include bad breath and body odour. Even perfume can be suffocating.

How can the prospect focus on engaging with us when his or her mind is too focused on those seemingly minor things?

Here is another piece of advice specifically for female distributors – dress appropriately so that the prospect is not attracted to you by your body. If a prospect is attracted to your body, not your message (about the products or opportunity), how effective is this for your business?

There is this saying that ‘people don’t buy the company. they buy YOU’. Tim agrees with that too. However, Tim adds that people buy YOU because of yor ability to help them to get what they want in life.

Undesirable Gestures

Here are some unacceptable gestures that are unprofessional and distracting:

– tapping fingers on the table

– tickling the nose

– ticking teeth

– chewing on toothpick

– accepting incoming phone calls

Sounds obvious? Were you guilty of any of those? Have you seen some of those happening?

How About Dress Code?

For men, business suits may not always be the best outfit. For example, he believes that a nice polo shirt or shirt with buttons work really well when meeting doctors or people in health clubs. Gentlemen, reserve the business suite for hotel meetings. Ladies, remember that wearing perfume or revealing clothes is not going to be helpful.

Tim’s general tips is that dress as nice as the sharpest person.  The idea is NOT to be the person who is standing out from the crowd.

Sharing Time

I remember I once had my dog jumping up and down outside the lounch room whilst I was presenting. That was extremely distracting. Could we avoid that? Perhaps not so easy. I now prefer to meet up prospects outside my home.

What worksed for you the best? Feel free to share by leaving a comment.

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