Dani Johnson’s ‘Called To Freedom’ Message

Hi,  Welcome back to another inspirational message from Dani Johnson!

Personally, I have not attended to her signature First Steps To Success event. However, I have learned a lot from her “Dynamic Duplication’ DVD set. According to my sponsor, that covered a lot what was taught in the event.

Called To Freedom

The key message from the event was that we could take control of our future by STEPPING UP . By getting rid of the past emotional baggaes that we might have, we could START learning the essential skills and DOING the things necessary for success in this Network Marketing industry. In short, Dani was calling attendees to plug into the First Steps To Success SYSTEM. By bringing n new team members, they would get the same opportunity to be inspirted and trained by Dani live!

Before I go into my thoughts, I would like to share this video clip so that you can get a light idea of what Dani’s training is about:


Same Event, Different Responses

While my sponsor was totally fired up and wanted to plug in the system immediately, her own sponsor (let’s call her Mary for the sake of discussion) had different thoughts. Mary thought that she was not in a leadership position powerful enough to attract people who would be willing to invest in the hundreds of dollars for the events!

Isn’t that interesting that from the same training, the responses are poles apart?

The reality was, at that stage, NONE of us agreed with what my sponsor thought was the right bath to take!

Mindset Matters!

It is obvious that the mindsets  were very different!

Did you catch what Dani says about Personal Development? Personal Development determines if we are to do the hard work or not!

With the enthusiasm that the First Steps To Success sysytem would bring her great results, my sponsor went out to promote Dani’s system, twisting it a bit and using the DVD set as training material. I attended the training diligently but could not see myself attending. Besides, I was thinking that as there were no regular live events in Australia, it might not be a bad idea following my sponsor’s twist of using the DVDs!

Both my sponsor and I were testing the waters…..NO RESULTS! No one bought our theoretical success idea!

We thought that it was not going to work! Missioned abandoned! We went to to explore a lot more trainers.

Missioned abandoned

Years after that, my sponsor was ‘too busy’ pursuing this anymore! I ended up battling on and creating some success using the success tips that Dani teaches.

I realized that MINDSET does matters when I just could not motivate my team to do what I did. There were always EXCUSES that were stopping team members to move forward. Not much duplication was happening. I felt like spinning my wheels….

Again, the same training (Dani’s DVD training), different results!

Mindset DOES matter!!

I later totally abandoned The DVD training too!

Survival Story

One great thing about Network Marketing is that there are many systems. I learned more from many other trainers such as Jeffrey Combs, Lisa Combs, Jerry ‘DRhino”Clark, Tom Challan, Tim Sales, etc and manged to survive. I am now not only building my Network Marketing business offline, I am also learning how to generate my own leads online.

If you have not achieved the level of success that you would love to have, perhaps you can HONESTLY examine your level of desire?

What about the questions: Do you have a success blueprint to follow? Are you following the right mentor?

If you would like to be ‘Called to Freedom’, you might like to explore this system that I am using. Chick here:

Google the many success stories and get inspired!

‘Step Up, Get Up!’ — Dani Johnson

Viola Tam
Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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