Dani Johnson’s No Nonsense Business Building Approach

Welcome back to another post about Dani Johnson’s Network Marketing Business Building Tips!

In my last post, I covered her “Facts Tell, Stories Sell” approach for Network Marketers who felt in love with the products or services. Her approach of sharing product testimonials can help people to realize the value of the products or services. This approach also eliminates the fear of approaching friends or relatives. It is easy to share success product or business testimonials with excitement!

There are some distributors who join their Network Marketing as a buisness investment. They usually have done their due diligence and are satisfied with the company, the products/services and the Compensation Plan.

What is Your Network Marketing Product?

In one of the trainings, Dani was asked by many distributors about the ingredients in the products. Eventually, she got fed up and stated that the product was NOT those products! She  explained that the product was people! Her point is: Learning more about how to deal with people than knowing the ingredients is going to make us very successful.

Let’s stop here for a second. Let’s look at products or services from a Network Marketing business point of view!

If you are in the wellness industry, are you selling nutritional supplements? Or, are you selling to people the idea of taking great care of their body by giving the body optimal nutritional support?

If you are in the weight management sector, are you promoting weight loss products? Or. are you selling to people products that can assist them with weight management?

If you are in the telecommunication industry, are you promoting telecommunication gadgets and service plans? Or, are you selling to people products and services that can assist them with their daily communication?

What about promoting collectable coins? Are you promoting those coins and focus on all the details of the coins? Or, are you selling to people the idea of collecting coins as an asset building strategy for future generations?

What about promoting a vacation club membership? Are you working like a travel agent? Or, are you actually selling to people the idea of having a vacation club membership so that they can enjoy cheaper vacation deals and other benefits?

No Nonesense Approach

Dani’s style of selling to people is a no nonsense approach!

What she does is to find out other people’s hopes and dreams. She teaches a “Core Rapport Methodology” and uses the F.O.R.M. acronyn to ask questions and instantly build rapport with the prospects. F.O.R.M. , as many seasoned networker would have known, stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation and Message. The idea is to draw out the prospects’ needs , strengths and goals.

Knowing the goals and dreams of our prospects is crucial in the later stages when handling objections or in ‘closing’ the prospect.

Here is an example of how Dani’s method works:

Prospect (say, Peter, gives the objection):  ” I don’t think I can do this.”

Distributor: “Really….tell me more about that?” (keep asking to get to the real issues are + listen intently)

Distributor: “You know, Peter, remember how you were saying that you want to bring your wife back from work so that your kids can grow up with their mum around? So are you serious about that?        (wait for their answer)

If they are serious, continue with this:”So are you willing to learn and try at something that maybe can give you a chance? This is a chance for you to get your wife back from work?”(wait for their answer again)

Fast Start For New Team Members

As Dani is prospecting with strong posture, those who actually join the organization are serious about changing their lives for the better!

Dani’s is also great at starting new team members on a fast track to success.

She is very big on having a list of ALL the people that a new distribuor knows.  She calls this the “List of Resources”.

As soon as the new distributor is having this resource list, Dani would start them on calling their friends! Dani is to call her own leads whilst having the new team member to listen in in the 3-way call.  This way, the new team member learns how to use Dani’s Script Book which covers a lot of the prospecting , following up and closing scripts.

This approach may sound too daunting or rigid to a some of you. However, my experience tells me that new members do need some good guidelines as to what to say and what not to say.

No Baby-Sitting Management Mode

Dani also stresses on the importance of making good use of our time for recruiting. Leaders staying on the recruiting mode is like having new blood in the business! She demonstrates to team members that team growth comes from our propsecting efforts. She is one of the best leaders who is famous in leading by example. Team members are inspired and shown to do more! With such a recruiting culture, no wonder her buisness ROCKED.

Even though I was convinced that Dani’s system would work, I was not getting any new members in. None of my team members could see themselves using it! I thought if I were to train them using Dani’s DVD, I could end up with empowered team leaders. WRONG!! Many of those leaders were not that serious in building their businesses.  I ended up going down that path of baby-sitting and nurturing my team….That was when I finally realized that I had to take Dani’s advice and DO the propsecting again!!

No more baby sitting! Keep working on self….and keep recruiting the RIGHT people! Mentoring but not baby-sitting is the key.

Solid Foundation to New Horizon

Given that Dani is not doing the “First Steps to Success” Programme in Australia, I decided to shift to other systems. That was when I got onto the path of knowing Tom Challan and Tim Sales!

Last year, I even opened my eyes to the idea of doing Network Markeing ONLINE! What a great online training and marketing platform I have found!

I have never looked back since!

Dani’s idea anchored me well in all these areas: Mindset for Success, No Excuses, Posture, Time Management, Duplicatable System, Fast Start for New Members….etc

I am forever grateful for what she has contributed to my journey 🙂

Sharing is Caring

Are you one of those leaders who has benefited from Dani’s online training?

What about attending her live events?

What is your thought on ONLINE Network Marketing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights!

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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