Dani Johnson’s Tips – Facts Tell, Stories Sell

There are two main types of people who actually joined a Network Markeing business. First, those who used the products or services, felt in love with the products and then started promoting them. The second group are the people who researched enough information and decided that they would like to promote the products or services as a business investment.

Today, let’s focus on the first group.

Passionate About The Products/Services

In Network Marketing, we get paid for promoting products and services to others. For those people who are extremely passionate about the products, often the enthusiasm alone sells! Friends and families can feel the emotion behind each stories. This is a typical scenario:

Step 1: A person is recommended to use the products or services by friends or relatives

Step 2: Experiencing the benefits

Step 3: Feeling really excited sharing like crazy with others

Step 4: Believing that making an additional source of income is easy as the products or services are so great

Step 5: Chasing more friends and relatives so as to bring in more business

Step 6: FINALLY realizing that not everyone would appreciate the greatness of the products (or services) or the Network Marketing opportunity!

Enthusiasm Do NOT Always Sell

In my case, my enthusiasm only brought about disappointment and frustration! I could not even enrol one customer or distributor in my first year!

Amateur Business Owners

Within the first few months, most people would have established a small group of customers when they have reached Step 6. Some of those customers might want to go on the same journey and make some extra money. This cycle is all fine if the business builders are happy to be amateurs, earning a couple of hundred dollars a month. For those with an entrepreneurial mindset, they keep on sharing but can usually attract product users because of the approach. There is almost an expectation for those customers to step up and do the business. Does this work? Not very often!

Let’s say that the people who joined because they recognised the benefit of taking premier nutritional supplements. Those people who joined actually joined for health reasons. Is it fair to expect those people to do buisness? Having said that, if we asked them how would they like to have the products for free, we may be able to pick up a few amateur business builders.

Amateurs Tell the FACTS

Without proper training, many of those amateur business builders will TELL others how great the products are, which ingredients are beneficial to their health.  As soon as there are enough objections, these amateurs tend to stop telling others. Having many people saying “No” to us is not what people expect!

Professionals Tell STORIES

With proper training, those SERIOUS business builders can learn to expect the ‘No’s. They can also learn how to relate their message more effectively. Facts Tell; Stories Sell.

Professionals tell STORIES. Dani is a master in telling a series of concise ‘before’ and ‘after’ stories. This way, many people can relate better.

For example,  ” Let me tell you the story. Mary has had this terrible joint pain for over 5 years and nothing seemed to help. After using this supplement for just 2 weeks, her symptoms showed great improvement. After two months, her feft perfectly normal and is now enjoying her golf with her partner!”

Dani’s Success Stories

Take a closer look at how Dani arranged to have the testimonials being told by her attendees of her “First Steps To Success” Training.


Can you see how the stories were aimed at people from different walks of life? This may seem like an adverisement to you. Yet, if you can apply this Facts Tell, Stories Sell principle to your Network Marketing business, the running of the business is so much more fun!

Your Feedback

If you have any success stories to share, I would love to hear from you too!

Are you aware that stories can be used in handling objections too?

Feel free to share your personal experiences here 🙂

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for the next post when I will be sharing with you the best part of Dani’s training that can help SERIOUS Network Marketers to build the business.

Viola Tam

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