Desire. Decision. Determination

Welcome back! This is a apace for you to explore if Network Marketing is something that you would like to get involved in for your future.

In my previous blog, I mentioned about the importance of having a strong desire for change.

Today, I would like to elaborate that just a strong desire is not going to bring you anywhere closer to Network Marketing success if you do not have the other Ds

– Decision & Determination.

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Even though Network Marketing is a proven business model that has allowed so many everyday citizens to create a better life for themselves, there are a far greater number of people who have CHOSEN to give this awesome opportunity a miss!


I remember my great friend and mentor Caw Cawthorn, author of “Bounce Forward” and founder of Speakers Institute, mentioning that it is the DECISION that we make, not the circumstances that we are in that determines our destiny.

How true!

There are 3 main types of people who do NOT get involved with doing Network Marketing:

(1) Those who have had success in building a great distribution organization for their Network Marketing company but, for some reason, their business did not sustain.

Often, they are the smart DOERS who have other talents. They usually excel in other endeavours and that they feel that they do not NEED to do Network Marketing again.

They are the “Been There. Done That!” group.  They seem to have a valid reason.


(2) Those who have ‘failed’ in Network Marketing and they do not believe that this business model will work for them again.

Many typically will make a ‘rational’ decision that it is best not to get involved again in order not to fail again. This appears a very logical reason to them too.


(3) Those who have never done any Network Marketing before.

For those who have already been exposed to this business concept, many of them did not get involved for the reason that they are the ones who would want to have 100% certainty before they say ‘yes’ to any opportunity.

Would you agree that none of the above people could be successful in Network Marketing because they have not made a DECISION to be successful?



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If you are one of those …but wondering may be there is truly an opportunity for you, I encourage you to consider these questions:


(1) Ex-Network Marketing Leaders –

What if you can make use of your skills and work ethic gained in your past Network Marketing experience and apply it today – by embracing technologies and riding on the unstoppable wave of the online shopping trend?

Retail is shifting!

If you do not want to miss out on the Social Retail blend of Network Marketing, click here for a short video clip.


(2) ‘Failed’ Network Marketers –

Do I have a strong enough DESIRE to make it work this time?

Remember, past ‘failure’ is not an indication of your future. Are you willing to ‘Bounce Forward’ like Sam Cawthorn did?

Network Marketing leader Ray Higdon ‘failed’ in 11 different companies in 7 years before he finally made it work!

His DECISION to get involved on the 12th attempt made him an awesome leader. He is continuously impacting on many aspiring Network Marketers to stay focused and help others to see through their own ‘reasons’ for not getting involved.


(3) Lastly, for those who have never done Network Marketing before –

You are the luckiest group!
You have no baggage of past Network Marketing failure. Nor have you got the preconceived impression that Network Marketing takes hard work and is not sustainable.

Ask yourself:
If Network Marketing has worked for many people from all walks of life in getting a better life, why not me? Why not now?



Desire + Decision + Determination = Network Marketing Success.

Success is Totally Preditable‘, says Dr. Dale Gerke, my mentor.

I trust that I have share enough for you to reach your own decision.

Do your own due diligence and if you would like to know more about our Success Alliance Success System, feel free to book a FREE consultation.

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