Don’t Be Scared of Your Prospects

Welcome back to our Communication Quality Series based on what I have learned from Tim Sales. Today’s quality is No. 5 – “don’t Be Scared of Your Prospects”.

The Chicken List

Many new network marketers probably have a list of people that they are not quite ready to call. They would most likely have predetermined that they need to be earning a certain amount of income BEFORE they would approach those people. Tim calls this a ‘Chicken List’.

This is a ‘Catch 22’ situation. How can a new team member become successful when they have this ‘Chicken List’ that they are forever avoiding? Those on the list are usually quality people who are already successful in their field. We need quality people to build a great team!

Tim points out that it is often due to the lack of confidence that network marketers have predetermined that the timing for calling those people is not right. I could not agree more with this! When distributors lack confidence, even if they have the right answers or script, they produce no or little results, My observation is that this would lead to self-doubt and procrastination. Pert of their original candidate name list will become their ‘Chicken List’.

The ‘Chicken List’ is not going to serve us. The ‘Learning List’ is.

How about we help new team members to step up and work on tackling this issue?

Learn. Gain confidence by doing. Succeed.

Learn to be effective in communication. Communicate with NO tension or strain; NO fakeness; NO sounded rehearsed; NO stuttering and NO hesitating.

Tension or Strain

Tim points out that the tension comes from anxiety which is often associated with our mental activities. Our voice can even quiver when we feel unprepared.

Tim’s Solution: Be familiar with all the common questions and objections. Learn how to respond well.


This is an interesting area. You may have heard ‘fake until you make it’. Tim stresses that we cannot fake BEING happy or successful. Using fluff words such is ‘fabulous’, ‘wonderful and ‘fantastic’ is not going to help. Tim suggests us to be real and truthful. State the fact. For example, rather than saying that the product is awesome, say this: ‘This product gives more energy, I feel having more energy than when I was in high school.’.

Tim’s Solution: We only need to say what we feel, as it is.

Sounded Rehearsed

Reading from a script is definitely not what Tim recommends. However, he is an advocate of getting prepared and familiar with the different answers.

How do we get prepared? By learning the answers.

Tim uses bullet points on 3″ x 5″ cards. For example, for the MLM card, he would use these points:

1. Personal knowledge or hearsay

2. Does MLM work?

3. Guided to training

The idea is to find out if the prospect has any personal experience with MLM or is it a hearsay experience. Then, by asking the prospect if he or she believes the industry works, we can find out if the prospect has any objection to the MLM industry. Tim’s script ‘not for you, not for somebody else, does MLM as an industry works?’ is very useful.

When I first learned those words, I did sound rehearsed. After using it for so many times now, it is my ‘script’.

Tim’s Solution: Rehearse long enough that you don’t need a script any more.


Tim explains that this is usually due to the feeling of uncertain or embarrassed. Again, this is much related to how familiar a network marketer is with an upcoming situation.

If you have been in the industry long enough, you probably have noticed that there are key concerns or objections that prospects would raise. Learn ALL those well and be equipped. Your confidence levelis very much related to how well you have learned and how often have you practised the newly learned skills.

Tim’s Solution: BE very familiar with all situation.


This is related to what you believe. When you truly believe in the MLM industry, the company, the products AND know how to communicate with people and train your new team members, there would not be any hesitation.

This makes total sense! When prospects put your products down, you would not hesitate, KNOWING WITH CERTAINTY that your products can benefit others.

Tim’s Solution: Invest time and effort in learning all the components for MLM success and truly believe in what you do.

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