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In my last post, I briefly introduced Davis Mann’s “Core Within Core” article because it is a very important concept in network marketing. We DO have to become a better person in order to be successful!

Wait a minute! You may be puzzled why is it that we have to become a better person before we can be successful? Can’t the internet help us to market our products or services more efficiently? Something like an automatic system… and people just access the information online, do their own research and … buy products or invest in our opportunity.

There are other online business that can run well with a 24/7 online system. Yet, for network marketing, there is a catch. True success is not in just selling the products using a Direct Sales business model. The KEY is in the duplication.


Duplication simply will NOT just happen because:

  • we are frequently exposing our products or opportunity to others
  • our site ranks high up in Google search
  • many people have visited our website or blog
  • many leads have been ‘captured’ through those opt-in pages

In order that you can take advantage of the leverage in mlm, you absolutely need Duplication:

1) A Simple System for all members to follow

2) A Business Mentor who can guide you away from distractions

3) A Strategic Daily Plan of Action that you can stick it

People will join you when they TRUST that you have the ability to mentor their way to Success! Be a better person – offer help to members signed up under you – duplicate. That’s it!


If you would like to have a FREE no-obligation 20-minutes consultation with me. Express your interest by contacting me at viola.businessmum@gmail.com, quoting ‘Mentor’ as the subject line.


Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach




Queen of Hearts

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