Effective Use of Time in MLM

In the past several post, I have been talking a lot about time. Today, I am still sticking to this very important topic.

Would you agree that to be effective, one has to have a well organsied plan for doing things? If you are a stay-at-home mum, you know how important is to feed the baby well. It is THE most important task. If you have a job, your boss would have set some tasks in the top priority list that you MUST do every day at work.  If you are running your own business, there is no exception. There is certainly a list of daily tasks that needed to be accomplished.

Arrows hitting the center of targets - success business concept

In Network Marketing, nothing matters but the RESULTS.

It is only when products are moved that commission will be paid. Simple fact –

No sales = No pay;

some sales volume = some pay;

massive sales volume= huge pay cheque.

How to get results?

By exposing the products or services to more people!

There is no difference with any other traditional businesses.

Alternative Marketing Model

The difference is in the EFFECTIVENESS of the marketing model. Instead of relying on advertising, Network Marketing companies choose to market their products or services differently. They prefer to leverage on the real power of word-of-mouth.  When satisfied customers share their great experiences with the products with their circle of influence, there is a chance that their friends or relatives will become a customer as well.

Big Secret

There is this lady who is a massage therapist and beautician. After finally ‘fixing’ her health challenges with some nutritional supplements, she simply shares her own experiences with her friends and clients. Without really focusing on growing her Network Marketing business, it grows.

Personally, I also enrolled my friends who appreciated how my company’s products have helped my daughter’s health back on track. Not only that, I have so much more energy now and have not been sick once in the past 9 years! And…. I earn my income through helping others – to be healthy or successful. Can you imagine me keeping that a secret?

Effective Use of Time

For the satisfied customer, it is a wonderful way to share the joy and help others. They are the best referrers. Asking for referrals is effective use of the time. We get more targeted potential customers this way.

Team Building is another proven strategy to effectively build an organization faster. 

In a strict Direct Selling situation, I may be sharing products with 20 customers. That is good!

However, when 3 out of the 20 decide that they are happy to promote the products too, that is when I have distributors (business builders). ‘Good’ now becomes ‘Great’.

Better way

My next job is to teach how they too can effectively get customers and/or business builders.  Training and teaching the team is one of the most important tasks in Network Marketing.

Team growth is the by-product of  teams of distributors each doing their daily tasks effectively.

This is the ULTIMATE EFFECTIVE USE OF TIME because the total sales volume comes from the efforts of the whole team, not just the team leader. 

Excellent Training for Fast Team Growth

Here is a great training video by Mark Januszewski regarding how to have amazing results in 2014.

If you are in Network Marketing, engage your key leaders and create momentum for 2014!

If you are not in Network Marketing, Mark’s training can also help you in really understanding what it takes to be successful in Network Marketing.


The Time is NOW

Whatever action we take will determine the results that we will have in future.

I believe that it is important for us to reflect on this:

Do you HONESTLY like your current life? If no, why?

In order for you to determine what you want to do NOW, it is helpful for you to ask other questions like the followings that I extracted from Napoleon Hills’ book “Think & Grow Rich’:

Do you like your occupation? If no, why not?

Do you learn something of value from all mistakes? Are you permitting some relative or acquaintance to worry you? If so, why?

To which do you devote most  time, thinking of SUCCESS, or of FAILURE?

Over to You

I trust that I have shared enough here for you to ponder how you may also be able to use your time more effectively.

Do you have any success tips that you would love to share with others as well?

Please leave a comment and share on other social media platforms if you have found value in this post. Thanks!

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