“Follow the Leader” Game Plan

In the Network Marketing industry, a lot of the leaders ‘failed’ their way forward. Some have spent over a decade before they have had the ‘failure’ turned around! Jeffrey Combs famously described himself as ‘psychologically unemployable when he was on his Success Journey.

There are many road maps and blueprints used by different successful network marketing gurus. We do not have to master ALL the systems out there in order to succeed. While we DO have to master some basic skills, we do not have to learn all the paths. Pick one path that works and suits your style + repeating the specific steps in the path = Success. This is YOUR unique system!

Now that network marketing has been around for decades, you definitely do not have to create your own system. As my friend Dale Beaumont, founder of Business Blueprint and author of 16 best selling books including the “Secrets Exposed” series stated:

“Be smart to do what’s been time-tested and proven

to work. I followed this philosophy and now I am a

best-selling author too. It works.”


You have to PICK one path.! Have a mentor and play the “Follow the Leader” game!


Staying Away From F.A.I.L.U.R.E. is my advice.

Watch out for the upcoming posts about:

F = Fantasy (getting something for nothing)

A = Attitude (towards others)

I = Ignorance about Network Marketing

L = Leadership Issues

U = Un-disciplined

R = Repeating mistakes

E = Ego Trip ( a tricky one!)


Viola Tam,


Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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