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One of the many wonders of running a Network Marketing is about the freedom to choose. Whilst many businesses require strict deadlines to meet clients’ needs, Network Marketing is more about working consistently. With the right strategy, skills and tools, success is totally predictable.

‘Working’ is like a bliss. Network Marketing is no more than recommending and promoting’ to others who may need the products or services. This has been part of most people’s lives whether they have noticed that or not.

Once  great products or services are found, one can choose to recommend and promote FOR FREE (like most people do). Or, get registered with the Network Marketing company and continue to use the products or services at a discounted member’s rate.

Here comes to choice again – keep the great products or services to ourselves OR recommend and promote.

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I get a lot of satisfaction out of sharing with others about products that work wonders!

Recently, a team member has had a nasty fall and ended up having to use a walking stick. Within a day of talking our nutritional supplement that is well known for bone and muscle recovery, she was able to walk without the stick. I can see that she can go on a family trip with her daughter later this week! Her simple ‘thank you’ means the world to me.

Having faith in me and the company, she did not think twice before deciding to try the product. She CHOSE to take the supplements as recommended.

Perhaps this story can help you a little better why Network Marketing works! I just do my ‘normal duty’ and care about my friend’s speedy recovery.

Another Choice in Life

I have recently been asked to substitute one of my team members in attending tomorrow’s weekly business breakfast. Whilst he has been SO terribly busy for a while, he does understand the significance of having a recurring income stream. Hence, he have components in his website design business that can generate on-going income. He is also smart enough to start Network Marketing by the side, to generate additional income and have more options in life.

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Most people, however, let life gets in the way…. and drift…and drift…and drift in life!

There is always a choice – to choose to start something differently or to stay on the same old path in life.

The choice is always with us.

My Choice. Your Choice

I have decide to do less blogging in the meantime when I am working towards finishing my book – “Simple Steps to Ultimate Freedom: Easy Ways for Mothers to Succeed”

If you wish to read more about the Network Marketing business concept, you can ask for my mentor’s eBook ‘New Ways To Succeed‘.

PS: I shall blog once in a week from now on. I will be sharing more ideas in December when I get back to blogging at least 3 times a week.

Be Blessed,


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