‘Genuinely Curious Natural Question’ as Shared by Tom Challan

In my last post, I shared some of the recruiting tips from Tom Challan. Click here if you have not read that post yet. Today, I would like to go deeper into what Tom calls Genuinely Curious Natural Questions.

Finding Quality People

Tom suggests that we put the spotlight 100 percent on our prospects. We focus on finding out if the prospect qualifies for our time and effort. Tom’s recruiting tips – NOT looking for anybody to enrol. His shares that may be we need to think carefully about the importance of doing this step well.

I really like this success tips (in a question form) from him!  

“Do you really want to take this weight on your shoulder?”

When I first started calling leads, I was keen to recruit anyone. I was happy having two people enrolling into my team. One started training for a few sessions and decided that it was probably a job too hard for him. He also had excuses about not having enough friends and relatives. The other lady did not even turn up for training!

For my cases, I had not invested a lot of time, effort and energy into the new team members. I realized that I was not doing the qualifying step right. I later focused on improving my skills and posture. I am glad that I did! I am now able to enrol team members who can enrol others.

Can you imagine the scenario when you keep on recruiting people who do not actually start, like the lady that I recruited?

What about like the gentleman who stayed on for just a short while?

I trust that you can appreciate the wisdom in Tom’s training!

We definitely do not need anyone!

Okay, HOW are we going to distinguish who are qualified and who are not then?

Tom uses genuinely curious natural questions to find out if the prospect has the mindset for success. 

Check out his training video that demonstrates the effective use of this type of questions.

What I like Tom’s approach is that it is actually easy to talk to the prospects. We just follow the flow and focus on drawing out the prospects likes and dislikes, concerns and hot button.

His way of prospecting is much like that of a detective. We connect. We build rapport. We ask questions. We clarify. We find out if the prospect is a person that has the qualities that we are looking for.

Leader Qualities

Tom mentions about the importance of the mindset. Most leaders would include willingness to learn and able to work as a team too.

Personally, these are the three key qualities that I am looking for: a strong desire to succeed in network marketing, coachable and a team player.

When you are prospecting, what qualities are you looking for?

Can you recall what qualities did your sponsor look for when he/she was prospecting you?

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

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