Go Home On Time Day in Australia

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Something different for today! Do you know that 20 November is Go Home On Time Day in Australia?

The Australia Institute’s findings show that:

  • Unpaid overtime equates to $109.6 billion or 7.4 per cent of GDP
  • 5.1 million employees eat their lunch while working
  • One in four employees checks work emails and answers work calls outside of work hours.Stressed

Among the underworked:

  • 2.8 million employees want to work more hours than they currently do
  • More than 250,000 Australians are out of the workforce due to caring responsibilities
  • One in four Australians said the main barrier to returning to work is too few jobs.Cost Of Living Expenses Sky High Monitor Showing Increasing Costs

“When millions of Australians work too much and millions more can’t find enough work it is time we did something differently.”

~ Dr Richard Denniss, Executive Director of The Australia Institute

We Have A Better Way

Are you one of those overworked or underworked employees?

Are you one of those really hard working small business owners who are struggling to juggle work demands with your family life?

Are you stressed about the security of your job or business?

If you are a stay-at-home mum (or dad), do you feel that you are in control of your financial future?

weg in die zukunft

The fact is, a poor work/life balance has a direct impact on your health, relationships and workplace. 

More and more people are choosing to start a Network Marketing Business for these obvious benefits:

  • We choose our own working hours – this means that we can work AROUND our routine
  • We choose whom to partner with – only work with those serious business builders who are committed to creating a better future for their families (or the world)
  • We create an ADDITIONAL income stream – without having the risk of being sacked or working crazy hours beacause of the concept of ‘leverage’ (team work)
  • The income stream is a special one – REPEAT income that keeps coming as long as the customers continue to re-order products

Be Informed

Click here if you would like to explore HOW this business model works.

Industry leader Tim Sales has created these awesome educational videos to empower YOU.

Be informed and make the ultimate choice….. and Finish Work On Time for your family and loved ones. They deserve this!

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Over To You

If you are in Network Marketing, how would you like to share some of the benefits that you have experienced?

If you are one of the many people who have been exploring this for a while but are still feeling not so sure, what is it that is stopping you to do this?

If you are just starting the exploration, you are in the right place. 

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