How the experts stick to their ethics despite the “unethical” reputation of the network marketing industry

In my 7 years’ part-time network marketing journey, I have stuffed up (many times!) despite my intention to help others. How? Let me explain – often people join network marketing because they think the effective products are so GREAT that there must be a lot of people who would like to know about them. Yet, people often encounter the frustration that I experienced at the beginning.Network marketers who initially ‘failed’ can testify that the combination of deep faith and enthusiasm is a recipe for immediate frustration. In my first year, sharing information about avoiding environmental toxins and healing with non-drug options, I could not convince a single friend why it would be wise to get involved.A lot of people would say ‘No’ or ‘Not interested’ without giving me any opportunity to share why they would prefer not to join me. This may be related to the poor reputation of network marketing, caused by the unethical behaviour of SOME network marketers.

Here comes the ethical dilemma: How can I, knowing that certain products can help people with their ailments, feel comfortable not sharing information and testimonials? There are so many inspiring stories from others using the products, benefiting financially and health-wise!

After years of trial and error, I have identified from the experts the essential skills for success in network marketing. An understanding of human psychology and communication skills are essential. In line with the experts’ good intentions to help others find success, my blog will provide such tips so that you can achieve your success too.

Viola Tam, Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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