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My Blogging Schedule

Early this year, I started to blog about Network Marketing for stay-at-home mums using the A-Z approach.  I wrote about G for Gift in February.I then introduced my mini- video series for sharing some knowledge and insights that I have gained during my years in Network Marketing. I was supposed to continue blogging about H for Hope in April. 

Due to my mum’s sudden passed away in mid-April, I went back to Hong Kong and my blogging schedule was interrupted. I apologize for the late reply to some of your comments made in May.

After a two months’ break, I am back!

Upcoming Blog Contents

I would do my best to keep to blogging at least three times a week so that more stay-at-home mums can gain some insights into Network Marketing.

Could Network Marketing be done professionally?

professionalism (the dictionary project)

Could I handle the home duties as well as a part-time Network Marketing business?

Do I need to attend hotel meetings in order to be successful?

Do I need to chase my friends and relatives?

Why should I try again while I have failed in Network Marketing before?

Why I should consider doing Network Marketing when my daily schedule is already quite full?

Business problems and support

I love educating stay-at-home mums about this wonderful industry.

The decision whether or not to do more research (and possibly to get involved in this industry) is each individual’s own personal choice.

Until my next post (H for Hope) that would be published by 17 June (Monday), take care!

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