Insider MLM Success Tips – It is NOT What You Say

Most people get excited when they have learned about the power of Network Marketing. They know that the business model works. They believe that success is possible. They have the right attitude and action plan. They even have the exact script that their successful mentor used to build his network marketing empire. Yet they found themselves not bringing in the same results.

Many people who have never done network marketing would conclude that it is not easy to be successful. Their belief is that even if a perfect script is used, there is no guarantee of success.

Is that a fair conclusion?

Let us look at some real life scenarios. When two new members join the same team, they receive the same success blueprint and training from the same mentor. Let us assume that both put in the same number of hours to prospect. Why is it that some managed to have keen prospects to review the opportunity while others seem to be staying in the forever inviting mode?

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The insider MLM Success Tips is that one has to work on the belief and mindset! That is, when you have absolute conviction that this business model will work for YOU, your message will be conveyed in your tone and body language. Your prospects will pick up on the non-verbal clues and trust that they too can achieve their dreams by partnering with you.

At this date and age, most people understand the network marketing business model. When these educated prospects believe it will work for them too, they will join. When they don’t believe that it will work for them, they most likely will not join the team.

Now, what makes them believe?

Leaders attract the right prospects by BEING the right leader first. They have gone through the journey, put in the work and got some initial successes. Small successes build more successes. Belief becomes stronger and stronger as the journey continues. That is how leaders attract leaders.

What about a NEW distributor?

How can a new person have the belief that leaders have?

They need to be wise enough to learn to BE a great leaders!

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They have to work on the belief first. By reading books, listening to CDs, attending events, going through mentoring sessions, etc, new distributors gradually build their belief by all these exposures that are purposefully built into the training system. As soon as a new distributor gets results, the belief magnifies. Continuous exposure, learning, mentoring and getting more results will create a stronger belief.

Reaching The Authentic You

This is the stage when you have the absolute conviction about achieving the goals. You embrace the products and business opportunity wholeheartedly.

The authentic you understands that success is a certainty. Reaching the goals is just a matter of when.

The authentic you is not at all concerned with the exact script. Your words just flow out of your mouth. Prospecting has become effortless.

When all the new leaders have gone through their own unique journey, the team growth accelerates.

This is why new distributors must understand that it is not the script that matters. It is the authentic you. Many network marketing leaders call this ‘BE. DO. HAVE’.

BE a 100% convicted and committed network marketer.

DO whatever it takes to reach the goals.

HAVE what you have set out to achieve.

My Blessings to You

While some people believe that even a perfect script does not guarantee success in network marketing, I hope that you can figure out that you can be in control.

You can choose to do whatever it takes to achieve the ‘BE’ stage. Then, you would have no problem doing the tasks that needed to be done…. and arrive at your desired destiny as intended.

Be Blessed.

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