Internal & External Communication for MLM

Welcome back for another blog post that covers Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark’s wisdom!

This guy is absolutely AMAZING! He is one of the Network Marketing gurus who is staying in the game as time progresses! He is such an Evergreen Mentor that no-one in the Network Marketing Profession should go out to work without first tapping into his training!

Leaders are learners!

BECOME a leader by becoming a vivacious learner like Jerry!

Jerry has led by example how he rose from a ‘poor’ guy to a ‘rich’ guy!

He was poor in material life but NOT in his mindset!

He is rich NOT only in terms of his material wealth! He continues to impact on many others who are ready to take the prosperity journey!

Internal Communication

“Your problem is not your problem.” — Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark.

What he means is that whatever our  current problem is, it is NOT our real problem!


Jerry explains that it is crucial for us to understand the difference between our current reality and our preferred reality! He emphasizes that we have to close the ‘transformation gap’ between these two realities. You may be asking how are we going to do that! The Mental Fast method that I talked about in my last blog is a great way to start. Click here if you have not read that yet.

After the Mental Fast, we still have to be vigilant regarding out thought patterns. I have learned to develop a habit of distinguishing what is empowering and what is not!

Are we listening to empowering conversations in our own head? Or, are we listening to those disempowering ones?

Are we able to quickly shut down the disempowering dialogues that may be happening all the time in our head?

How are we going to stay away from those disempowering dialogues should they come up?

As Jerry mentions, having a clear vision of our desired destiny is empowering! Having voices that tell us that we are a ‘victor’ is empowering! Are we allowing the volume and velocity of a victor’s voice? Or, are we allowing a victim’s voice?

As our belief and thought pattern will determine the type of ACTIONS that we take! We MUST start from a Empowering Mindset as recommended by Jerry.

Different action brings about different outcome! Simple as that!


For example, if the mindset is ” This is going to be too hard for me as I am not a people person!”.  Our action will likely be avoiding connecting with people. How are we going to prospect if we do not CHOOSE to connect or meet up with people? How are we going to get results if we are not prospecting?

On the other hand, if our mindset is ” This is going to be easy as I know that I am following the success blueprint!”. Our action will more likely be actually doing prospecting, following up and training new team members to do the same. We CHOOSE to sacrifice some of our daily activities into productive actions! Would it be fair to say that we are every step closer to our goals? Would it be logical to expect the same (or even better) results when we follow the Success Blueprint of leaders?

External Communication

While many trainers on external communication focus on the actual elements such as building rapport, listening, clarifying, etc. Jerry focuses a lot on People Skill.

Jerry learned from Dani Johnson that our product is not the product! Our product is people!!

It is people who make up their mind if they would like to invest in our products or services!

It is also people who make the decision if they would like to take up the business opportunity!

Jerry personally immersed himself in the study of human nature and personality styles. He is one of the most talented trainers who teaches HOW to be a ‘chameleon’!

That is how we can communicate in the style that the other person prefers! If we do onto others what we would like to be treated, we are going to upset a lot of people!

I have learned great skills from his CD set Magic of Color. I could not recommend this highly enough!

You can check out Jerry’s site here:

His wonderful program is about educating us of the BASIC persoanality types that he called Yellow, Blue, Green and Red.

Many other trainers and writers have covered this fascinating subject but Jerry’s CD set is specifically designed for the Network Marketing industry!

He elaborates it in a fun and easy to understand way!

Here is a taste of what he teaches: YELLOW – peacful; BLUE – Popular; GREEN – Perfect; RED – Powerful

What I like most about Jerry’s program is that he teaches us how to recognise our greatness NO MATTER WHAT COLOR we are!

This is empowering! No longer will a peaceful Yellow have that excuse “I am not as powerful as XXX!” Or, a powerful RED having the excuse about not being a patient person!

The reality is, we all have our unique strengths and weaknesss!

The key to success is to master the external communication skills with people from all walks of life! YES, I mean everyone!!

‘Be a chameleon’ , in Jerry’s words! We can all learn to do it!

Our Communication

Have you any thoughts or insights that you would like to share?

Leaders are learners! Let’s empower each other and rise to our full potential, whatever color we may be!

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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