Introducting Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter

Welcome to the featured Network Marketing Trainer of the Month.  This month, I am to cover some of the nuggets that I have learned from Tom Schreiter, Network Marketing leader, trainer and MLM pioneer. He likes to be called ‘Big Al’….

Who is Big Al?

Honestly, I do not know a whole lot about Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter. However, I picked up clues from Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark that he was a much respected mentor! In the Insider’s Secrets (Volume 2) 10-cassettee tapes set released by Jerry Clark in 2001, I found two Big Al tapes, two Lisa Kitter-Combs tapes and two Jim Rohn tapes.

Since I knew at this time that both Lisa and Jim were distinguished trainers, I paid particular attention to what Big Al teaches as well. At that point, I did not really ‘click’ with his ideas. It was like I was wearing sunglasses and could not see the gems.

Here is what he said about himself in “Success in 10 Steps” by Michael Dlouhy:

“I’ve been in MLM since 1972. I’ve written and published several MLM books that people used to build a good income from home. I’ve read all the great books this industry has produced. And yet I’ve never seen a book hat has produced as many strong network marketing leaders as fast as Michael Dhouhy’s ‘Success in 10 Steps’. If you are serious about avoiding the pitfalls and creating a successful future in MLM, THIS is the book you need to read!”

I did not return back to his material until in early 2011 when I entered the online world for Network Marketing lead generation and bumped into Michael’s system!

Later that year, I was privileged to have met this amazing leader and mentor when he visited Australia!

Okay, here is the BIGGEST lesson that I learned from him!

Need versus Want

As I failed to enrol even one distributor in my first year in Network Marketing, I can relate well with this piece of advice. Basically, Big Al talks about how important it is to share the products, services or business opportunity  with someone whowants to hear more, NOT someone who needs what we have to offer. That is, there is absolutely no need to chase others.

His ‘Fat Boy Story’ is hilarious and to the point! If our prospects do not want to hear our offer, there is no point persuading them into how great our products is!

His training reminded me of another trainer’s teaching – that we have to listen really carefully to distinguish a ‘How’ question and a ‘Why’ question. Jeffrey Combs’ idea is that as a professional, we find out who are the quality people that can see the benefits in joining our team. Network Marketers are paid by their results. We have to use our time wisely.

Likewise, Big Al teaches that for those who do not want what we have to offer, we simply have to let them go.

Networking ‘Wonder-Mark’

I give this name to Big Al’s teaching when doing real life networking. His insider success tips is that everywhere we go, our aim is to discover our prospect’s wants and needs. However, there is a unique challenge! Most people are not willing to disclose their challenges in life, or to share their goals and dreams.

Here, Big Al shares his secret weapon – I call it ‘Wonder-Mark’.

Whenever our prospect tells us what they do for a living, our reply is ‘It must be wonderful being a ________(fill in the occupation here)’.

The premise is that ‘in order to participate in a conversation, we must disagree with others’.

Okay, I know I need to elaborate here!

Let’s look at this senario:

Prospect: I am a medical doctor.

Network Marketer: It must be wonderful being a medical doctor. You get to help people with their health challenges… and it must be very meaningful.

Prospect: Yes, I can help others for sure but you know what? What we do is no longer that meaningful. There is so much politics at the hospital. Besides, we have to deal with a lot of patients. We simply are not serving the patients at a standard that they deserve….

(Now, you pick up that helping others and leading a meaningful life may be important to the prospect.)

Here is another scenario:

Prospect: I am an enginneer.

Network Marketer: It must be wonderful being an engineer. You can work regular hours and get a good salary!

Prospect: Not exactly. You know what? We have to go to construction sites. It is hard work, especially during those hot days. You think we are paid well? We have to work until 8pm these days! There is not much time for family life!

(Now you can tell that the prospect values more time with the family.)

I guess you have now got an idea why big Al can help so many network marketers perform well. There are definitely specific skills for us to master if we are to be able to quickly find out if our prospects  WANT our products , services or business opportunity.

Do We Need to Chase People?

Well, I guess the answer is ‘No’ when we have the right skills.

Why chase others when we can ‘create prospects on demand’?

If you find this post helpful, you may wish to grab his FREE fraining for beginners here. For the serious network marketers, here is Big Al’s site. You may wish to explore more.

Feel free to share your insights here!

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

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