Invaluable Sales Insights Learned From Ari Galper

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I am excited to share with you some invaluable insights that I have learned from attending Ari Galper’s revolutionary sales training. It is a training based on TRUST and INTEGRITY.

Who is Ari Galper?

Ari Galper is the World’s No.1 Authority on Trust-Based Selling and the Creator of Unlock The Game, a new sales mindset and approach that overturns the notion of selling as we know it today With over a decade of experience creating breakthrough sales strategies for global companies, Ari discovered the missing link that people who sell have been seeking for years.

His has discovered the power of  words and phrases grounded in sincerity to diffuse sales filter that most people have. Coming from a mindset of letting go of the outcome and complete integrity, he has established himself as the world’s leading authority on how to build trust in this pitch-packed modern world.


Ari’s Key ‘Selling’ Process

Instead of focusing on getting the sale, Ari focuses on making a connection with people, building trust and letting those who see the fit come forward, rather than trying to persuade or manipulate and “close” everyone in the sales process.

The whole process is based on three principles:

1. Diffuse pressure

2. Be a problem solver

3. Get to the truth

By treating every person with respect, Ari literally ‘humanizes’ the dialogue and gets to the deeper thoughts and feelings that our prospects may have.

In short, he manages to get to the TRUTH – if there is fit in what people want and what he can offer, perfect! Yet, if it is a mis-fit, he will gracefully walk away with integrity.

Particular Relevance to MLM Success

In a traditional business, selling is a one-off transaction. For instance, when the sale of a car is ‘closed’, the salesperson gets paid. For a skillful sales representative, he or she may be able to close a large number of sales. Of course, the commission cheque would be a handsome one too.

For a well trained ‘old school dog’ sales representative, they are focused on getting the numbers done and booking presentations. At the end of a presentation, they may use manipulative sales techniques to close the sale.

On the other hand, for a sales representative applying the Ari-styled trust-based selling, not only will he or she gets great results, there is also a bonus!

He or she can also sleep with a clear conscious at night.

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In Network Marketing (MLM), the growth of the distribution organization depends on loyal customers continuing to re-order products. Customers who are sold to may regret the initial sales. What is the outcome? No repeat orders. No referrals.

Another key group of people for the MLM organization are the business builders – those who appreciate the efficacy of the products and take on an active role in promoting the products or business opportunity. Let’s look at this group who are recruited because the sales representative knows how to manipulate and sell. Will the new distributors remain committed to using the products? Not necessarily! They could have joined because of the get-rich-quick perception that is suggested to them. Or, they may have joined and place one single order to avoid being annoyed by his or her friend.

How effective is this way of recruiting?

I have seen many MLM distributors make this common mistake – to welcome anyone who would say ‘yes’ to the business opportunity.

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What if Ari’s selling process is used? The sales dynamics changes completely. There is no need to chase prospects who want to say something nice just to avoid conflict. There is no need to diligently following on those ‘ghosts’ who may never return the following up phone calls or emails.

This sales journey is definitely a lot more fun.

With Ari’s way of having no agenda to make an appointment (for a presentation) or getting a sale, everything is easy and simple.

It is all about making meaning connection and having a trust-based dialogue. Great for the prospects as those who do not express interest would not be chased. Also great for the distributor as he or she can make effective use of his valuable time – to offer the best service to people who may wish to explore more.

For those who eventually decide to join, they join because of THEIR own reasons, not the distributors.  These are the team members who do NOT need to be convinced why they should put aside extra time to learn how to do the business. They need not be convinced why they should be happy that the pay cheque that they are bringing in at the beginning of their MLM journey is not in proportion with the time that they have spent in learning and doing the business.

Key Takeaway

Enrol the right customers – getting referrals the simple way. Simply asked who do they know who would also like to have the same benefits that they have experienced.

Enrol the right business builders – helping the potential leaders grow without their feeling being pressured to grow. Each grows the business at their own speed, according to their own goals and family circumstances.

With trust, a two way dialogue opens opportunities for possible collaboration.

Without trust, sales filter goes up, even the most skillful salesperson cannot sell. Period.

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Have you heard of Ari Galper and his training?

Have you learned something similar?

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