Jeff Roberti’s Success Tips – Emotional Sincerity

Hi, it is great to continue sharing the insights that I learned from Jeff Roberti. If you have not read my last post yet, you can read it here.  It is the ‘My Story’ part of Jeff’s background and philosophy.

Today’s video is about how Jeff uses his young age as an advantage:


Jeff Had No Fear

Did you hear that? Jeff had no fear when he was a 21-year-old inexperienced network marketer.

How many of us are older than 21 and more experienced than when Jeff was just starting? Are we having any fear approaching people? Talking to people? Asking questions? ‘Clsoing’ the sale?

WHY is that Jeff had no fear? Why do so many network marketers have fear?

You may recall from the last video that Jeff has developed great work ethic. He has been brought up to be hard working and doing the best. As a waiter, he was a great waiter. He probably had high self esteem when he approached others for their opinion.  His mindset is right! These were his thoughts:

Who do I love?

Who do I care?

Who can I help?

Who can I share?

Emotional Sincerity

When Jeff shared his message with his prospects, he truly believed in the products and opportunity. His languages matched with what was in his heart. There was congruence in his belief and language. The prospects could feel that Jeff believed in the products. They could feel that Jeff had their best interest at heart. As Jeff mentioned, it is all about them. People can feel the emotional sincerity.

Are you emotionally ‘married to’ your products or services?

Do you genuinely feel that your products or business opportunity can add massive value to others’ lives?

Do you have the ‘Emotinal Sincerity’ that Jeff talked about?

You may be wondering HOW can we get to that feeling?

Jeff found the right company with the right products. He got emotionally involved with the products and opportunity.

My observation is that most people’s emotional attachment grow with time. As they stay in the company, they hear more real life stories. It is through those stories (testimonials) that people’s beliefs in the products become deeper. It is through those success business building stories that people believe in the power of network marketing!

If you do not yet have what Jeff calls ‘Emotional Sincerity’, aim at attending as many team meetings and corporate events as possible. Surround yourself with successful stories!

Get emotionally attached to how the products or services can benefit others.

Get emotionally attached to how the business opportunity can turn around messed up lives.

Get emotionally attached to blessing others…. and you will be blessed naturally.

Blessings & Insights

When you were first introduced to your network marketing company, did you feel the blessing from your sponsor?

When you are prospecting, are you focusing totally on how your products or opportunity can help your prospect?

What other ‘No Fear’ strategies do you use for prospecting?

I’d love to hear your comments.

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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