Jeffrey Combs – ‘More Heart Than Talent’

Welcome to this month’s featured Network Marketing leader. I am introducing Jeffrey Combs!

Who is Jeffrey Combs?

Jeffery Combs is the president of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc. and is committed to assisting people change the way they feel in order to achieve their goals and dreams!

Jeffery has been a full time Entrepreneur for over 20 years! He specializes in prospecting, leadership, personal breakthroughs, prosperity consciousness, scripts, mindset training, and all levels of effective marketing. You can click here if you’d like to visit his website.

Here is what Mark Victor Hansen’s remark about Jeffrey:

“Jeff Combs is an original thought artist who helps you make your life and lifestyle into a true masterpiece. Listen to him, learn what he says & live his wise, brilliant advice. It will make your life infinitely better.”

Essence of Jeffrey’s Teachings

I have had the privilege of meeting Jeffrey when he came over to Australia to conduct his workshop!

With the extensive knowledge and skills that Jeffrey presnts, it is NOT possible for me to put his teachings into a few blog posts! What I can do is, however, to summarize my personal experience after attending his ‘virtual training’ through his books, tapes and CDs!

Like many great trainers out there, Jeffrey understands the importance of learning through the process. He had had quite a challenging life journey of drug and alcohol abuse before EVENTUALLY mastering the secrets!

So, what are the secrets? To Jeffrey, there are NO secrets!

To be successful in Network Marketing, Jeffrey’s idea is that as we are getting paid FOR OUR RESULTS, we better develop exceptional skills in these areas:

1. stopping our self-sabotaging thoughts so that we can get on with what we know we need to to do

2. mastering people skills so that we can communicate well with prospects of all persoanality types

3. prospecting with posture as network marketing is about connecting with the right prospect at the right time

4. having great listening skills to distinguish between what he calls a ‘suspect’ vs ‘prospect’

5. mastering time management skills so that time is not wasted on the ‘curious’ but not ‘serious’ prospects or ‘interested’ but not ‘committed’ team members

6. being able to be ‘in the flow’ and respond spontaneously to questions and objections without the guilt feeling

7. being able to do Network Marketing from the heart-to-heart level with the focus on the present moment, and being able to respond ‘on the feet’

8. recognizing the importance of massive action for massive results (‘Quantum Leap’ and ‘Compunding Effect’)

9. understanding the power of the ‘gentle take away technique‘ in order to remain in control of the conversation with a propsect

How I Have Benefited From Jeffrey’s Success Tips

I agree with Jeffrey’s amazing concept of  ‘NOW O’Clock’.

As soon I adopted his philosophy of focusing on the present, I was able to let go of worry (about what to say, how to say, etc).

It is all about living in the moment and creating wealth for the future!

Of course we have to master those essential skills as covered above. Yet, we simply cannot operate at our peak performance if we carry our ’emotional baggage’ or worry about the future!

This idea of Jeffrey’s has help me to feel relaxed:

You cannot say the right thing to the wrong person OR the wrong thing to the right person!

I am passing his wisdom to all my team members! We are able to be emotionally unattached to the outcome of our prospecting or closing 🙂

Everything that we do is now done in a relaxed manner! For us, when a new distributors signs up,  there is no need be to overly excited. When we get ‘No’s, we would not be upset either.

That is,  we are in the ‘neutral‘ feeling zone – experiencing what Jeffrey calls “The highs are lows and lows are highs.”

‘More Heart Than Talent’

Jeffrey is very big on FEELINGS. It is when we feel great about what we do to serve others that we will be able to stay in the ‘hand-free’ zone!

It is then that we would be ‘in the flow’ with creative ideas that can lead to great outcomes!

It is a state of BEING when we are getting really comfortable with tthese tremendous words and feelings: trust – love – peace – deserve – prosperity – abundance.

It is when we are able to communicate from the heart-to-heart level that our message is well received by others.

Any Experiences or Insights from You?

Do you have any experiences or insights to share?

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