Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark – The Most EMPOWERING Hero in MLM

Welcome to a much delayed issue of our featured MLM Star of the month!

I am introducing Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark!

From a Garage to on Stages Worldwide

Jerry was borm in a garage in 1968, bought up in a ghetto…… got his first ‘business’ as a paper boy at the tender age of 9. He got good grades and entered university at 18!. He was told that that was the path to be rich!

At 19, he was introduced to Network Marketing.

By 20, he was earning $10,000 a month.

By 22,  he was earning $20,000 a month.

By 28, he was earning $80,000 a month!

He is the EVERGREEN mentor in Network Marketing! MUch like the evergreen Cliff Richard in the music industry!

His ongoing contribution to this industry is an excellent example of how one can CREATE MAGIC in others’ lives by first becoming more successful….

He produced massive amount of training materials by recording his live events and workshops. He interviewed a lot of great successful giants such as Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter, Mark Yarnell and the late Jim Rohn.

The Rhino Spirit

Jerry called himself ‘Rhino’ as he stresses on the importance of having a ‘Rhino Spirit’ in order to be hugely successful. By this he means that independent distributors who are absolutely serious about this business should be charging through the jungle! In his classic CD “The Murphy Committee”, he explains the tough challenges facing distributors in a highly entertaining manner! I trust that you would love it too!

He is THE mentor who stresses strongly about getting The Inner Communication right FIRST and FOREMOST!

Without the kind of Rhino Spirit as described by him, distributors will abandon their dreams and go back to their ordinary day of life!

The Slight Edge

In a nut shell, Jerry stated that to be successful in Network Marketing , we need these  4 things: Time, Energfy, Frustration and Change!

He is great in explaining how 97% of the population will perform ‘simple error in judgement’ and CHOOSE to live a comfortable life. These errors will causing them to live UNcomfortably later in life!

In contrast, 3% of the population is willing to perform ‘simple discipline’ and CHOOSE to be uncomfortable (stretching our own limits). These choices will eventually lead to a comfortable life later in life!

Decision! Decision! Decision!

Everything is based on our CHOICES that we made in life!

Jerry challenged someone who told him that he  had no choice but going to work!

Jerry insisted that he had a CHOICE of not going to work — pointing out the other consequences that may follow!

He is such a knowledgeable and talented trainer that you could not afford to miss!

Make a decision and check out his  amazing wealth of knowledge here:

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PS: In my next post, I will be covering his famous “Success Triangle” concept with you.

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

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