Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark’s Success Triangle

Welcome back to this blog. Last time, I briefly mentioned about Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark’s background and his success philosophy. Today, I would like to focus on what he called a ‘Success Triangle’.

I learned about this success concept for Network Marketers from Jerry’s tapes. I listened again and again and again….even after all these years!

The Internal Chellenge

Jerry mentioned that it was AFTER he had had success that he figured out why so many network marketers have a huge challenge to face!

He noticed that many distributors had learned pretty much everything thing they needed to do but still would NOT take the action to actually do the tasks required for success!

He problem, he realized, was the ‘Internal Communication’ that distributors were having with themselves!

He pointed out that when most new distributors got started, they focused on the ‘Technical Know-Hows’. They wanted to know what to do, how to talk to a propsect, how to handle objections, etc.

Yet, even if they were taught what to do and how to do network marketing, many would choose NOT to do the necessary steps!

Why? There were blockages ‘between the six inches’ of the ears!

Some distributors thought that perhaps they master the rapport building skill and other communication skills, they would perform better…. and be successful!

Jerry realized that the technical know-hows are the least important part of the success equation!

He stated that ‘External Communication’ (how we communicate with others) and ‘Internal Communication’ (how we communicate with ourselves) accounted for at least 85 percent of our success in Network Marketing! He stated that we needed to be aware of our internal communication.

CHOOSE those beliefs that are empowering. CHOOSE who we are associating with. CHOOSE to discard disempowering thoughts! His suggestion for a 30-day fast may seem crazy for many…. BUT Jerry stressed that this process had helped many people in his team!

30-Day Mental Fast

This is about reading uplifting books for at least 15 mintues a day.

It is also about NOT watching TV, NOT listening to news (which is usually filled with depressing news)

It is about ‘cleansing’ those thoughts in our mind that are NOT going to serve us well in moving us closer to our dream.

It is about limiting our association with some friends who may have a negative impact on us!

Jerry shared that he actually limited his association with his own mum and CHOSE to finish his conversation by saying “Mum I love you.” and just said good-bye.

Getting The Internal Communication Right

By making conscious decision to limit disempowering beliefs, we will get Ithe nternal Communication right!

It is then that the subconscious mind also believe in our goals and dreams. There would not be internal conflict of beliefs!

With the belief (that our goals and dreams can be realized), the ACTIONS that we take will be different.

Jerry’s Success Concept in Simple terms:

Beliefs lead to Action lead to Results

My Personal Experience

I only practised about 70 percent of what Jerry taught me in those tapes.I listened to his empowering tapes and CDs and read uplifting books relating to Network Marketing success. It was an amazing journey! My belief in my ability to succeed enchored more firmly. There was no turning back! I keep charging towards my goal….no matter what!

Later, I really limited my association with friends who are less then helpful. Tough decision! But it worked magic! I became much more focused and ‘in the zone’.

What I noticed was that many people did not realize that they needed to go through this process on ‘mental fast’ to get the internal communication right.

The results??

Even the BEST training material in the world cannot help them!

Even the BEST mentor cannot help them!

Even the BEST workshop or seminars cannot help them!

Are You Charging Towards YOUR Goal?

Put down your ego and ask yourself honestly: ‘Am I getting the results that I deserve?’

If not, ask ‘Why not?’

It is time to get clear and see where the hurdle lies! The advice of our legendary Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark has helped many to be hugely successful.

I strongly recommned you to check out his site here.

Go! Go! Go!   (Jerry always ends his seminar with this uplifting words!)

As always, I value your comments and insights. Feel free to share if you find this post helpful.

Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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