“Just A Millimetre Out” Concept by Tony Robbins

I can’t believe that my mini-series on Avoiding F.A.I.L.U.R.E. have all been published. Welcome back for something ultra-important in network marketing.  Yes, you guessed correctly, the Success Mindset.  There are many terms for this essential ingredient in your network marketing success recipe. There are some of the common terms that you may have come across:

Positive Mindset, Positive Attitude, Prosperity Mindset, Abundant Thinking, Law of Attraction, etc.

As I was bought up in a situation believing in the power of ONESELF, I have not had much challenge about achieving my goals. At the beginning of my MLM journey, I was often puzzled why so many people found it hard to do network marketing. Later, I realized that a fair number of people who said that they wanted to do this business did not ended up DOING  the essential daily tasks that we call TTP (Talk To People) AND TTMP (Talk To More People).

I started to realize that it is NOT about whether people know HOW to do the simple tasks! Even with a high enough desire level, some people prefer to seek out other means in earning extra income. Why? It is all about the Mindset. With a less than 100%  prosperity mindset, interesting things happen:

– there is NO TIME to do the business (but have time to watch movie)

– there is NO TIME to do business because of poor time management

– there is NO TIME to do the business because the day has been too BUSY doing other non-essential tasks

– there is NO FOCUS (distracted by other daily chores)

– there is NO FOCUS because there are so many tasks (essential & non-essential) in any given day

– there is NO FOCUS because of the many distraction out there in the world…….

My dear friend, the important thing is to FOCUS on the end goal and KEEP DOING the right things. 

Unless you yourself can master this Mindset (for Prosperity), you will definitely find yourself trapped into many of the above situations….MEANING: you are not getting anywhere closer to your goal.

How about getting the mindset right FIRST and then put in consistent efforts for your goal?

I hope this motivational speech from Tony Robbins can assist you in moving forward.


Viola Tam

Your MLM Success Coach


Queen of Hearts

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