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Last time, I shared the idea of ‘Keep Giving to Keep Growing’ in Network Marketing. I was inspired by the great Network Marketing (MLM) leader Mark Januszewski’s work!

Today, I’d like to write how important it is to ‘Keep Giving to Keep Glowing’ in Network Marketing.

Mind Power

If you have friends or relatives who are leaders in Network Marketing, I’d not be surprised to hear that over the time that they were travelling the Success Journey, they just keep on GROWING and LEARNING to BECOME the leader they are today!

Typically, they became knowledgeable enough to GIVE BACK – what the mistakes were and how they over those mistake; where to find the right people to talk to; how the best way to connect with others instead of pushing others away; how success can be done in a more effective way, etc.

As one of the business leaders Darren Hardy mentioned, doing Network Marketing is easy ‘functionally’. It is the emotional side that has SHIFTED a lot of new team members onto a different path (of failure or quitting).

My Success Tip to Today?

Keep Giving to Keep Glowing!

By constantly giving back, the right people will be attracted to you, naturally.

Many people out there are looking for a leader to follow!

Portrait of poverty,

Let me share with you my path in the past four years.

When I first started business networking to connect with more people, I got ZERO referral for a particular networking group.

In the second year, I have a few customers and referrals. Yet, nothing really significantly grew from there.

I keep on ‘keeping the main thing the main thing‘ (talking to people and sharing our opportunities or products) as strongly recommended by Mark Januszewski, I have been GLOWING.

From the third year onward, the quality of people that I have been attracting changes. One obvious difference is that people are more keen to refer others to me who might benefit from what our team is doing.

As you can probably imagine, more quality big thinkers will continue to join our team as I glow and help others to do just the same!

Beautiful yacht in San Francisco bay

What is YOUR Next Step?

Step up and commit to GIVING.

Before that, step up and start LEARNING so that you can start giving. It is the Success Journey.

Do you have to be a guru in order to give? Certainly not!

I hope you can see the  point in not going into the ‘Egg & Chicken’ argument.

Be a GLOWING leader & Succeed!

PS: If you wish to visit Mark’s site and start your learning journey, click here.

PPS: If you wish to attend my upcoming MLM webinar and learn more, click here.


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