Keep Giving to Keep Growing in MLM

Many of you who have had some encounter with Network Marketing (MLM) may have heard about others talking about the importance of Personal Development.

I’d like to take this opportunity to elaborate the importance of this at the beginning of the MLM Success Journey.


Please note that I use ‘MLM Success Journey’, NOT ‘MLM Journey’.

To be successful in MLM, there is no surprises! As my mentor Dr. Dale Gerke mentions, ‘Success is Totally Predictable.’

What then makes the difference between success and failure in MLM.

I am following my mentor Mark Januszewski’s encouraging words ‘Keep Giving to Keep Growing’ and share here!

Starting in MLM

For a person who has just started in MLM, the belief level is usually very high. The concept of leverage appeals to them. Who would not want to have real team work so that EACH person can leverage on the mentor and fellow team mates to produce better results?

For someone who has done enough Personal Development, he or she knows that even if the mentor is knowledgeable and willing to help, he or she needs to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the outcome.


When the results are not achieved as expected, there are 2  common ‘conclusions’ in the new person’s mind:

  1. For me to continue on this Success Journey, I will find out what was not working (often despite the proven system or scripts used)…. and LEARN and GROW from there!      OR
    2. NOT that I have not tried, my results sucks! Maybe I am not meant for MLM!

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I’d argue that whoever taking Option 2 above needs more work on Personal Development – so that eventually they can see for themselves that the Network Marketing Profession works!

That the company’s products works! There are plenty other achievers in the SAME company performing well.


That in order for the business to work for THEM, they need to work on their mindset, beliefs and skills!

What more do I need to say?

I am committed to ‘Keep Giving to Keep Growing’!!

Feel free to share this in Social Media or drop me a comment. I will do my very best to give feedback.

If you are also a MLM leader, keep giving to keep growing! Leave a comment please.


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