MLM Success Checklist Pt.3 – Lead Generation Systems for MLM

Lead Generation is such a HOT topic among network marketers!

Chances are that you are one of those serious network marketers you may have done all that chasing, annoying and begging your friends and relatives to join you!

Many people who entered this industry because of their passion about what the products can do for them have a particularly hard time!


It is only natural that you would like your best friends and beloved family members and relatives to experience the benefit as you did! However, not having trained as a professional network marketer, many would face a lot of terrible ‘No’s – some gentle ones, some not so gentle ones.

Some people would quit here and others would prefer to stay on as an amateur.



These are often the common mind patterns:

“Oh, well, there is too much work. I would just share the products when the other person is really open to the idea of health, skin care, weigh loss, etc”

“I know that I can succeed if I were to have the right mindset and master a few core skills. But, it is hard work, I just do not think it is worthwhile doing that.”

 “Look, it is working for me, I got a few sign ups and I am getting a small cheque every now and then. I am happy.”

These people will remain loyal customers or amateur marketers for the network marketing company.


What about the LEADERS?

 Oops, there is a Brick Wall that seems to block you from even exposing your messages to others! Where do you go?



Traditional Networking for Success

Many successful network marketing leaders have built their business almost entirely on face-to-face networking – meeting new people, initiating a conversation, and building relationship. Then, exposing them to look at the business side in their preferred method (CDs, home-meetings, hotel meetings, conference calls, 3-way calls, etc)

One of the strategies for meeting quality prospects to attend wealth creation seminars and workshops. There is a higher chance of meeting other who are open to looking at an opportunity. Be creative! Ask the question: where do my target prospects gather?

Once there are people joining for the products, distributors can get referrals from existing satisfied clients. This is a timeless proven system. This is why keeping close contact with existing customers or inactive distributors is crucial. This is also why the “Party Plan” style of marketing works. Asking for referrals is part of the Part Plan!

With the internet, there enters 2 great things:

(1)  Online networking (Forum Marketing)

(2)  a newer breed of network marketing called Attraction Marketing


Lead Generation for Success

The idea of a “funded proposal” model is not new. It means that by giving away a free report, ebook, webinar training, or other marketing tools or tips, people would opt-in our contact list. By continual building relationships and giving out even more value, we get highly qualified leads that are specifically looking at Network Marketing as a home-based business option.

The dynamics is totally different now. Rather than you chasing people, you are now a leader who can provide value to help others become successful in their network marketing journey. By leading with a Lead Generating System, serious network marketers will be recruiting others who are also serious. The system that I am using is called MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP). It pays well for our referral. This way, it is helpful for the cash flow issue.

When the timing is right, my MLSP members would check out if my primary MLM business suits them.

In Attraction Marketing, there is  no chasing. No begging, No worries.



If you would like to experience how this system works, fill out the opt-in forma t the right hand side of this blog for access to “Famous in 60 Days in Facebook” webinar.  See for yourself how this innovative lead generation system can assist you in bringing your business to another level of success!


Viola Tam,


Your MLM Success Coach




Queen of Hearts

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