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Today, I am introducing Don Failler and will use his simple analogy about traveling by car from A to B to explain what you should do if you are aware that network marketing is the ‘vehicle’ that can bring you an additional source of income.

Don and his wife Nancy are a success story and they enjoy a lifestyle most people can only dream about. Google his name and you are able to find a lot of helpful information. His way of explaining ‘residue income’ of $100 a month = having about $50,000 in you bank savings account is a great way to keep network marketers self motivated. Watch his short video clips and decide for yourself if you’d like to keep learning so that you can earn that extra $50, $100, $500, $1000 or more a month by investing your time and energy in network marketing.

Here is his analogy (story): Let’s imagine you want to take a trip in the family car and leave rainy Melbourne and drive to sunny Brisbane. The sunshine in Brisbane will represent reaching the top in the program that you’re in. When you are there, you are SUCCESSFUL, you’re AT THE TOP! The FIRST thing that you have to do is to GET IN and GET STARTED. There isn’t anybody in network marketing who has made a lot of money unless they first got started.

Oops, here our logic comes in – “WHY should I get started when I do not even know HOW to do the business?” Since the failure rate in network marketing is well over 90%, wouldn’t it make sense that I’d rather not start at all? Or, perhaps it is wise to be cautious and just watch and ‘see how things go’?

I would encourage you to ask yourself:

  • Is network marketing a legitimate business model?
  • What steps do I need to take to avoid the pitfalls?
  • Where can I go to learn the essential skills needed for success?
  • Can I do it whilst having a full time job?
  • Am I using my time effectively or doing other non-productive chores?

In my next post, I shall be talking about Success as a Journey… an important concept that you need to understand so that you can actually take your very First Step towards the success that you deserve!

Viola Tam, Your MLM Success Coach


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