‘Making The Shift’ – Crucial to YOUR MLM Success!

Have you ever heard of Darren Hardy?

I do not expect you to have heard about him if you have never been in direct sales before.

Even if you have had some experiences in Network Marketing (MLM), you may not have heard about him as there are many different MLM leaders who have created various resources to help marketers to excel in various areas of their Success Journey in MLM.

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Success Starts With the Mindset

You may have heard that success starts with a strong desire! Very true!
However, there is more to just the desire!

I have witnessed many people who have CHOSEN to join a Network Marketing company with full intention to change their lives for the better but ended up quitting!

They get started with high hope…. maybe accomplish small success through their willingness to learn and hard work….but their subconcious beliefs keep them trapped.

You can probably imagine the frustration for those potential leader, right?

How are we going to address this challenge?

An Intelligent Question To Ask:

So what do you do when you know that your desire is strong but you do NOT yet have the success mindset?

‘Making The Shift’ CD set by Darren Hardy is by far the best training tool in this area!

Darren developed this CD specifically for network marketers who are facing this common challenge – self sabotage!

Crazy Zombie Businessman With Dynamite Explosives

He shares a lot of success tips in that CD. Proven strategies on these areas are shared generously:

  1. Our past (success OR failure) is totally irrelevant for our MLM sucess (which happens in the future)
  2. The importance of having structure to help new team members to perform well
  3. The significance to committing at least 12 months to personal development (NOT just learning the skills or other ‘how to’ tips)
  4. Self Image is important too – any ‘No’ response by the potential customer or business partner are NOT personal. Those who said ‘No’ are saying ‘No’ to themselves. Maybe the values are different. Maybe the timing is not right. Maybe…. (lots of valid OR invalid reasons here)
  5. Attitude sets the winners apart from the losers!

How to Work Hard to Achieve the 100% Belief Attitude?

Here are just some of Darren’s success tip:

● Reading at least 10 pages of an uplifting book or magazine

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● Listening to at least 30 minutes audio training on mindset and positive attitude
● Understanding Jim Rohn‘s philosophy that ‘Success is not a doing process. It is a becoming process’ – this will help you to commitment to your own commitment to personal growth.
● Avoiding being impacted by naysayers who really should not be advising on how YOU are to live your own life.

Want to Explore More?

You can head to Darren’s site here for more awesome tips!

If you wish to listen to the full version of his ‘Making The Shift’ audio, here is a Youtube link that you can click on.

I also encourage you to register for my webinar on 3 May @ 8pm Sydney time when I will be sharing with you how to avoid the 5 deadly mistakes in MLM.

Register by clicking here.

To Your Success!


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